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1. Can I walk my dog off leash in Town?
2. My neighbor's dog barks constantly. What can I do about this?
3. There is construction going on in my neighborhood. When is work allowed to start and when must it end?
4. I am going on vacation. Should I notify the Police Department?
5. I want my home alarm monitored directly by the Police Department. How do I go about doing this?
6. How do I dispose of old batteries?
7. The Atherton Police were in my neighborhood the other day. How can I find out why?
8. What can I do with my unused computers?
9. Can I recycle my unsued cell phone?
10. Can my unused cell phone be put to another use?
11. I need to dispose of some syringes. Is there a place to do this?
12. Will the Police Department help me get rid of my unwanted guns?
13. What should I do with my unused medication?
14. I have some old solvents and other chemicals to dispose of. Where can I do this?
15. I am hosting an event at my residence. Is there a permit required to do this?
16. I am planning an event that will include live music. Is there a noise ordinance related to amplified entertainment?
17. Where can I report a mountain lion sighting?
18. I recently found an iPod (or other item of monetary value) on the ground while out on a walk in my neighborhood. Should I turn it into the Police Department?
19. I was able to catch a dog running loose in my neighborhood. What should I do next?
20. Do I need a permit to park my vehicle in the Atherton Caltrain parking lot?
21. Where can I dispose of ammunition or a firearm if I live in the Town of Atherton?