What constitutes "Excess Mixed Compostables"?

Greenwaste (and Recology) has the ability to charge for extra mixed compostable materials (gray cart material) whenever the volume of materials exceeds the capacity of the cart. This is determined in a number of ways. 

  1. When the lid of the cart is open by eight (8) inches or more due to the material in the cart;
  2. When the material is not inside the cart and is instead set out at the curb pursuant to the guidelines for "extra materials";
  3. Where material is placed in a block or dark cinched and secured bag where the contents are less than thirty (30) pounds in weight; or
  4. When the set out is clearly non-conforming (contaminated yard trimmings or recyclables carts). 

It is preferred that residents reach out to Greenwaste and make arrangements at least one (1) day in advance of the regular collection day for excess materials. Excess material is charged based on a 32-gallon set-out rate:

  • Excess Gray Cart Material - $17.50
  • Excess Blue Cart Material - $7.38
  • Excess Green Cart Material - $10.75

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