Why is Food Waste moving to to the Gray Cart?

The updated waste-sorting practices allow Greenwaste to extract resources from all three waste streams and ensure the highest and best use of all materials recovered from those waste streams. By removing the food scraps and food soiled paper from the Green Cart, we are able to produce a higher quality end-product. The clean yard trimmings material from the Green Cart will be used to produce OMRI-listed compost, which is used in agricultural applications. When the contents of the Gray Cart are processed, the food scraps and food soiled paper will be recovered and turned into a landscape compost. Additionally, we have found that when food scraps are allowed to be mixed with yard waste, many customers still placed food waste in their garbage cart so there was food waste in both carts. This new program is designed to make it easier for customers to use while maximizing diversion from landfill.

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10. Why is Food Waste moving to to the Gray Cart?
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