What materials go in the gray, green and blue carts?
  • Gray Carts are for Mixed Compostables: garbage, food waste and food soiled paper
  • Blue Carts are for Recyclables: clean and dry paper, plastic, glass and metal
  • Green Carts are for Yard Trimmings

The major change is that food waste and food soiled paper go in the Mixed Compostables cart rather than the Green Cart. Atherton-2021-Sorting-Changes

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1. Why did the Town change service providers?
2. When did Greenwaste start providing services to Atherton?
3. Did the rates go up?
4. Are the service levels changing?
5. What is the billing schedule for Greenwaste?
6. When will you be changing out my carts?
7. What about my extra carts that I purchased separately?
8. What if I am delivered fewer carts than I set out?
9. What materials go in the gray, green and blue carts?
10. Why is Food Waste moving to to the Gray Cart?
11. What is the best way to put food in the Gray Cart?
12. Can I still add vegetable scraps to the Green Cart?
13. What changes are being made to Backyard Services?
14. How do I set out EXTRA Material for collection?
15. What constitutes "Excess Mixed Compostables"?
16. Can I set out household batteries & cell phones?
17. Can I set out used motor oil and filters?
18. How is excess material collected & charged