What is the timeline for the project?
Currently, the project is in the Construction Drawings Phase. This phase is expected to complete in November/December 2017. The next phase is the Bid Phase. The Bid Phase will last until February/March 2018.

After review of bids, the Council can award a bid to a qualifying contractor. That is anticipated in March/April 2018. The project has a 27-28 month construction timeline. Construction would begin in April/May 2018 and continue until at least August 2020.

With that construction timeline, the project will cross over multiple Fiscal Years and Town Budgets - FY 2017/18, FY 2018/19, FY 2019/20, and FY 2020/21. This is where the funding timeline comes in for the project. Given that the project crosses 4 Fiscal Years, the Town is able to use funds from each of those fiscal years in its projections for funding availability.

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