What does the passage of Measure A mean for the project?
Measure L was passed by voters in 2012 requiring that the majority of the funding for the Admin, Police, and Public Works facilities come from private donations or grants and the already established Building Fees Fund. This was for design as well as construction. General Funds could be used before the project was officially approved as a project - in other words, the Town could use General Funds for environmental review and other pre-project work.

The Library is FULLY funded via separate Library Funds and Measure L did not restrict their use. Measure L essentially restricted the use of the Town's General Fund for the project.

As of May 2017, design costs for non-Library portion of the project is $3.3 million. Basic construction costs are estimated at $22.6 million. This brought the required funding total to approximately $25.9 million for design and basic construction. Approximately $1 million was allocated to pre-project costs dropping the requirement to $24.9 million. There was $2.9 million available in building fees funds dropping it further to $22 million. Approximately $7 million was raised by Atherton Now leaving a required funding gap of approximately $15 million. Acknowledging this, the City Council returned to the voters in 2017 with Measure A.

Measure A authorizes the Town to use available unallocated General Funds toward the project - $10 million or 38% of the total project is funded by private donations and building fees.

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