Is there really a gymnasium?
No. The Police Department staff are required to maintain a level of physical fitness - most of which, like the rest of us, is handled during off work hours. However, the Police Department staff are also required to train in various defensive tactics - hand to hand training, restraint, baton and riot training, weapons training, and other sorts of training that requires training mats and equipment.

Currently, the Police staff use approximately 600-800 square feet in the garage for this training. In the space is workout equipment (all donated by the community and the officers themselves), mats and other training gear. The space is actively used - with one caveat - because parts of the space doubles as the weapons cleaning station, parking of motorcycle vehicles, vehicle repair area, and evidence storage - there are limitations on its use. This will be remedied in the new buildings where the spaces are built as they are required to be built by law and up to OSHA standards.

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