Where is the right-of-way for my property?
Generally, the right of way is the area between your front fence line and the edge of the paved street.

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1. Who provides my sewer service?
2. Who maintains the Town's right-of-way?
3. Where is the right-of-way for my property?
4. Who owns the right-of-way?
5. What if there are improvements in the right-of-way? Who is responsible for those? Trees? Landscaping? Driveways?
6. Who trims the trees in the right-of-way?
7. Who do I call about a pothole?
8. Who do I call about striping?
9. A contractor has damaged the roadway (paint, divit, pavement, etc.) - who do I call?
10. How many street miles are there in Town?
11. When does the street sweeper come?
12. Can I park on the street?
13. I need to dig in the street or right-of-way. Who do I call?
14. Are all the streets in Town public? If not, where are the private streets? What’s the difference?
15. Roadway Bicycle Markings (or "Sharrows") are popping up around Town...what's the deal?