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Walking the Corner Points

If you are walking around the Civic Center you might see a series of white paint/numbered markings, these are "corner points" of the conceptual design plans.

Attached to the rear of the PD fence, near point 8, there is a 34 foot tall pole. The pole is marked with blue flags at 14 and 28 feet respectively, corresponding to the top plates of floor 1 and floor 2.

Using the overlay as a reference you can "walk the perimeter" of the conceptual design! Enjoy!

Corner Points Image


New Town Webpages

The Town periodically develops new webpages to keep the community informed of new projects, programs and other pertinent information.

This week two new webpages have been added to the Town's website.

Peninsula Clean Energy Webpage
California Assembly Bill 117, passed in 2002, allows California cities and counties to pool the electric load of their residents, businesses and public facilities in order to purchase and develop clean electricity - Community Choice Aggregation. Community Choice Aggregation is a mechanism by which local governments assume responsibility for providing electrical power for residential and commercial customers in their jurisdiction in partnership with Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG&E). Community Choice Aggregation also provides the opportunity to fund and implement a wide variety of energy- related programs of interest to the community.

Social Media Webpage
Information on Atherton's various Social Media Outlets
2015 election

November 3, 2015 Election

Although Atherton has no election this year, many of us will receive a ballot for voting on schools and special districts.

This year's election is an All-Mailed Ballot Election. Assembly Bill 2028 allows San Mateo County to conduct up to three local elections by All-Mailed Ballot before 2018. Under California's Vote by Mail pilot project, state and federal elections, such as the Presidential Elections in 2016, are not eligible.

All-Mail Ballot Election Voting Locations
- Vote from home - Anytime!
- 2 Voting Centers open Monday through Friday, October 5 through November 2, from 
8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, October 31, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Election Day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the following locations:

Office of the Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder at
555 County Center, 1st Floor, Redwood City

San Mateo County Registration & Elections Divisions at
40 Tower Road, San Mateo

In addition the Town of Atherton has a ballot box drop off location Monday through Friday until election day at 8:00 p.m.

The Big Lift

The Big Lift!

In 2013, San Mateo County leaders made a bold commitment to help all our kids succeed and participate in the booming Silicon Valley knowledge economy. Over 200 organizations have joined the effort. We call it The Big Lift and we need you behind it.

The Big Lift has been selected as one of 10 finalists and needs your vote to win.
Vote for our Inspiring Summers Program, so low income San Mateo County kids get what higher income families can provide:  exposure to new ideas and experiences, with help on fundamentals like reading and math. 

The San Mateo County Library is proud to be a part of the The Big Lift and its effort to get 80% of our county's 3rd graders reading proficiently by 2020.  

Please vote at before October 20th for the Inspiring Summers Program. You can also help get the word out by sending an email to your friends, family, and through social media. Encourage them to vote so that the only San Mateo County finalist in the Google Impact Challenge wins a $500,000 grant.


Mock Interviewer for Menlo College

This year Menlo College provided an opportunity for all students seeking internships for summer to complete a mock interview before it's time for them to start actual interviews for summer internships. To this end, earlier this semester Menlo College hosted a round of mock interviews on Menlo College’s campus powered by volunteers from our population of internship employers - Including the Town of Atherton - Lt. Wade served as a mock interviewer.   
As the college has over 200 students seeking summer internships, the Town has been asked to extend a wider invitation to volunteers from all types of organizations as well as all experience levels; whether you’ve just started out as an entrepreneur or you’ve had a 30 year career with a global not-for profit, and everything in between, you have a great deal to offer Menlo College students!
If you are interested in volunteering, Menlo College has created a web form that will allow you to communicate the details of how you’d like to serve as a mock interviewer. The volunteer form is available here:
Menlo College thanks you in advance for your consideration of this opportunity to share your professional knowledge with their students!

recology carts

Garbage Rate Changes

Recently a notice of public hearing went out to Atherton residents regarding a change in garbage rates. 

The proposed changes are to increase rates only for green waste for those that have 3 or more Green Carts. The rates for the first 2 green carts which are included as part of the standard residential pick up service are NOT going up. Additionally, the Town is proposing a decrease in the garbage carts rates.

The proposed new rates for green carts are below.
Proposed New Rates for number of Green Carts greater than 3:
Carts 3 & 4 are currently $11 each and will increase to $15 each
Carts 5 and above are currently $18 each and will increase to $20 each

Propose New Rates for Garbage Carts - Decrease in Rates

64 Gallon carts are currently $110 and will decrease to $102
96 Gallon carts are currently $164 and will decrease to $152
 All other cart sizes rates will remain the same.
  • The only residents that will be affected by Green Cart increases are those that have more than 3 Green Carts.
  • Those residents that have the 64 Gallon and 96 Gallon Garbage Cart sizes will see a reduction in their rates. There are no changes to those residents who have 20 and 32 gallon garbage carts.
Thank You!

Thank You!

Please note that the Town of Atherton Administration, Building, Planning and Public Works Departments will be closed on Monday, October 12 in observance of Columbus Day. The Police Department will remain open.

Contractors are permitted to work on the Columbus Day Holiday.

Thank you for being a part of Atherton Online.

Have a nice weekend,

Theresa DellaSanta
Assistant to the City Manager/City Clerk

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