Council Meetings

The City Council meets jointly with the Menlo Park Fire Protection District on Tuesday, December 12 at 5:00 p.m. in the Pavilion at Holbrook-Palmer Park - AGENDA

The agenda for the December 20 Council meeting will be posted next Friday. The meeting will be held in the Main House in the Park at 6:00 p.m.

Holiday Letters to our Troops

The Town of Atherton has adopted the troops of Baker Company, 1st Battalion, 506th Infantry, 1st Brigade & 101st Airborne Division.  Students in 3rd through 5th grades wrote Holiday Cards for the troops who are currently deployed.  

Thank you to the local Atherton schools who wrote letters to our troops! The letters are in transit!

toy drive

Last Chance! Toy Drive!

The Atherton Police Department is collecting new, unwrapped toys for families at Selby Lane School. This can only happen with the help and support of our wonderful community. 

Donations of toys and gift cards may be made to the Atherton Police Department. A Red/White striped Gift Box marked with the Atherton PD logo is located in the lobby of the Atherton Police Department. While dropping off your donation, please drop by and say hi to your local law enforcement personnel. We look forward to it! 

We are accepting new, unwrapped toys for kids ages 5 to 11 years old.You can also donate by using the gift registry created below by Atherton. The gifts are shipped directly to the Atherton Police Department. A link to the registry:  

Atherton PD Toy Drive Gift Registry

We are accepting gifts until Monday, December 18. 

APD car

Increased Holiday Season DUI Patrols

With the holiday season upon us, the Atherton Police Department will be conducting extra patrols on Friday and Saturday nights to reduce and/or eliminate driving under the influence of alcohol.

Those arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol will go to jail – no exceptions. In addition, a person arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol will face a driver’s license suspension, vehicle towing charges, court fines, attorney fees, and an increase of insurance premiums or cancellation of insurance.

A single driving under the influence of alcohol arrest will cost at least $10,000.

If you plan on celebrating the holidays with friends and family, have a plan to get home safely if you will be drinking. Ride sharing services, public transportation, taxicabs, friends and family are all acceptable solutions over driving under the influence of alcohol.
And remember, a designated driver is a driver who has consumed no alcohol, not a driver who has consumed less alcohol than everyone else.

The Atherton Police Department wishes you and yours a joyous and safe holiday season.

Public Works Storm Preparations

Most of the weather pundits are calling for a “La Nina” year for weather. What that means to us is slightly above average rainfall and below average temperatures. In preparation for this coming winter season, the Town Public Works Department has performed the following inspections and duties:

• Drain inspections – MCE staff has inspected 90% of all of the drains in Town, and 100% of the habitually “problem drains” where issues seem to arise if the drain is obstructed.

• Drain cleaning – MCE staff along with their sub-contractor roto-rooter have cleaned out over 75 drains and aver 100’ of culvert pipe where excessive build up was found during their inspections. Some of these locations were Fletcher/Alameda, Laburnum/Magnolia, Sutherland/Fletcher and Ridgeview, Camino al Lago, ECR at Atherton Ave and HP Park.

• Gutter cleaning – MCE staff have cleaned the gutters on all Town facilities.

• Atherton Channel – The Atherton Channel has been walked by MCE staff and all important obstructions removed from Fair Oaks (E) to Broadacres. Due to a scheduling breakdown by our equipment rental company, we were not able to clean the buildup of silt at the Station Lane/Watkins section of the channel, but we will be fine for this season and will get next year. 

• Euclid ditch cleaned of debris and ditch line prepared for large water flow.

• Pothole mix – the Town has had delivered in bulk about 5 yards of Granite-Patch mix for quick repair of any potholes that might arise during the winter rains. 

• Base rock – 6 Yards of class II base rock delivered for needs during winter (mainly shoulder repairs). 

• Sand – The Towns 24 hour sand-bagging facility located outside the gates of the corporation yard at 99 Station lane has been filled with fresh sand and sandbags for use by our residents this winter.

• Aggregate stockpiles have been tarped per stormwater requirements.

• MCE staff equipment – all vehicles are to be refueled at the ½ tank level through the winter.

• Emergency equipment – all emergency equipment including standby power (generators), chainsaws, pumps, lights and tractors have been serviced and are left daily in ready to run condition. 

• Cones, signs and barricades – ready for immediate deployment.

• Call out list – MCE and public works staff 24 hour emergency call list has been updated for PD dispatch and will be available to respond for any of the Town’s needs day 24/7.
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