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sanbag station

Another Wet Weekend....

Experiencing any small scale flooding? 

Residents can receive sandbags free of charge courtesy of our Public Works Department. Sand, shovel and bags are available at the Atherton Corporation Yard on Dinkelspiel Station Lane near Fair Oaks. On the South side behind the permit center. 

You can reduce the amount of water entering your home by placing sandbags in key locations. Place sandbags over floor drains (including shower and bath), and in front of doorways, roller doors and vents. For maximum effectiveness, stagger the sandbags in an overlapping pattern like brickwork. You do not necessarily want to place a sandbag wall around your whole house. Before you place them, consider how you would remove floodwater if it got trapped between the sandbag and your building (e.g., pump, siphon, bailing bucket).

This is a good time to assure your flashlights are filled with fresh batteries and in a handy location as well as candles and lanterns to help deal with a small scale power outage. PG&E will be working hard through the weekend to restore any power outages.To report and view electrical outages through PG&E click here.  


Green, Blue, Black?

Have a question about what goes where in your recology garbage bins? Reocology San Mateo has a helpful resource online that allows you type in the item you want to dispose of and they will automatically tell you which bin it goes in. Check it out HERE.

Thank You!

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Have a great weekend,

Theresa DellaSanta
Assistant to the City Manager/City Clerk

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