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Aug 10

July 2016 City Manager's Monthly Report

Posted to City Manager's Blog on August 10, 2016 at 3:16 PM by grodericks grodericks

City Manager's Monthly Report - July 2016

Monthly-report.pngWelcome to the City Manager's Monthly Report Blog! 

The City Manager's Monthly Report Blog is a consolidation of issues, communications, and Town activity during the prior month that have been reported to the City Council as part of their weekly email from the City Manager. Sometimes information is duplicated over the course of several emails to the City Council to ensure that it is reviewed.

As I review the information to include in the Monthly Report, to the extent possible, I remove duplicate updates (older emails get shorter) in favor of the most recent - although some will be duplicative if there is other relevant information included; I try to remove information regarding events that have already occurred; and I edit information that requires update - hopefully to make it more useful. Overall, the information is generally the same as it was presented to the City Council in their weekly Council email.

The Report reads with the most recent first. As always, if you have any questions or comments regarding the Monthly Report, please feel free to contact me via email or phone.

My weekly email typically goes out every Friday. 


George Rodericks
City Manager
Town of Atherton
(650) 752-0504

July 29 Weekly Council Notes

1. ECR HAWK Beacon Project - Ribbon Cutting (UPDATED)

Please hold August 17 3 pm as the date for the HAWK Beacon Ribbon Cutting. 
2. ADAPT - Atherton Community Emergency Drill

On Saturday, August 6 from 9 am to 1 pm ADAPT will be hosting an Atherton Community Emergency Drill (ACED). The exercise is a joint training earthquake drill with resident volunteers, first responders, and Town officials. Members of the Council are welcome to attend and participate as ADAPT volunteers. We will be opening our EOC in conjunction with the drill. The reporting area for the drill is the parking lot directly behind the Police Department. The goal of the drill is to help better prepare the Town in case of a major incident, to improve collaboration between the Town, first responders and volunteers during an event, and to expose residents to what they can do in an emergency for themselves and to help others. More information and education will be forthcoming as the event draws closer. 

3. Recent Articles

4. Atherton Development Roundtable

The next Atherton Development Roundtable will be held from 12 pm to 1 pm on Monday, August 1 at the Pavilion in the Park. Topics to be discussed include:

- Personnel Changes in the Building Department
- Atherton PD/Code Enforcement
- National Night Out
- PACE Program
- 2016 Code Adoption Cycle

5. Revenue Alternatives Reports I & II

At the Council meeting during the discussion of the Business License Tax, the Council asked that in September, staff return with the broad overview of revenue alternatives. I advised we would share with the Council the prior research on these topics. Below are the links to the two reports:

6. Letter from Congresswoman Eshoo - Flight Path

On July 25 the Town received a letter (copy) from Congresswoman Eshoo to Supervisor Slocum regarding arrivals/departures at San Carlos Airport and the planned FAA solution. A copy of that letter is linked here.

The letter expresses concern that while the Surf Air trial arrival route might alleviate concerns in San Mateo County it may shift the problem to the cities of Mountain View and Sunnyvale. Congresswoman Eshoo notes that if the route has an adverse impact on Mountain View and Sunnyvale and there is not a process to consider the concerns of all the constituents before granting the new route, she will oppose the measure. 

7. Planning Commission - July 27

Planning Commission met on July 27 and took the following action:

- DCC Herren swore in Lane and Lerner
- Commissioner Lane selected as Chair
- Commissioner Lamb selected as Vice Chair
- Commissioner Tonelli appointed by Chair to work with Commissioner Sockolov, Tree Committee, and staff on revisions to tree ordinance.
- PG&E provided an overview of their pipeline safety initiative (status)
- Continued the public hearing on the Heritage Tree Removal of three trees at 70 Stern to August 24 meeting. 
- Denied Appeal of CTL fine at 18 Ralston Road

Next meeting is scheduled for August 24. 

8. Galvanized Steel Railings - Paint or No Paint?

Along the Marsh Road Channel there will be new modern railings. The plan specifications call for the railings to be galvanized steel, but do not specify that they be painted. Staff is getting an estimate of the cost to paint the railings before installation (may cause delay - not recommended) or post installation. The color would be black or green (leaning toward green). The cost to paint is not included in the project cost.

9. Cal Water Drought Update - From Cal Water

The new emergency drought regulations adopted by the Board allowed water utilities to self-certify their own water-use reduction requirements based on local water supply conditions. Even with the regulatory adjustments made by the Board,  Cal Water believes it  is important to plan for the long-term and prepare to meet stronger, permanent water conservation standards expected from the State in early 2017. This is especially important given that many communities across California are still facing drought challenges and there is a distinct possibility that we will have a very dry winter. In light of all of this, Cal Water is making some adjustments to their Drought Response Plan, which will become effective on July 29.

First, Cal Water will be setting a conservation target of 10% for customers in the Bear Gulch service area. These targets will continue to be based, in most instances, on customers' same-month water usage in 2013. Conservation targets will also be shown on customers' bills. Cal Water believes that this conservation target effectively balances the short-term water supply outlook with the need to be prepared for more stringent regulations from the Board and the possibility of a very dry winter.

Second, Cal Water will be moving from Stage 2 to Stage 1 of the Water Shortage Contingency Plan, which does not include drought surcharges. Cal Water has confidence that customers will continue to use water wisely, so for now, water budgets and associated drought surcharges are suspended. Customers that have accumulated credits in their respective water banks will not see them listed separately on their water bills, but they will be maintained in customers' accounts until the current drought emergency ends. The various prohibited uses of water that have been in place since last year remain effective under Stage 1 of our Water Shortage Contingency Plan.

Customers can visit the website at www.calwater.com/conservation for information on  industry-leading water conservation program and additional information about the drought.

10. Las Lomitas - Detention Basin Project

The consultant continues to evaluate and analyze alternatives working with the District. There are a few issues that are cropping up that need to be cleared up - these include regional partner potential, regional grant opportunities, title reports that show clear ownership/responsibility, and sizing of existing drainage systems. Work continues on this feasibility study. 

11. Belbrook Culvert

Bids are due back on Tuesday and will be analyzed for award of contract. Returning to the Council in September is cleaning up of the easement and Channel District. 

12. Civic Center Project

- Reuse of the SFPUC pipeline - Integral reviewed the possible reuse of the SFPUC waterline as a green component of the Town’s project. If the waterline remained in use, the line could be wrapped with a coil. Absent its active use, the cost to build infrastructure to create a system that would be feasible for use is not practical. They recommend its full abandonment and not reuse. Staff is putting together a summary of their analysis for the Green Building Committee. 

- There is a meeting coming up of the Library Subcommittee, Library staff, and Heritage (Marion) to discuss the library floor plan. Tom Fortin is putting together a staging memorandum that outlines the staging options for the library (including the bookmobile option). 

- The cafe in the historic town hall is being designed as a warming/catering kitchen. It is not being designed for a particular vendor or with a particular vendor in mind. There is a timing issue involved with amendments to the Town’s General Plan and Land Use ordinance to allow a commercial use. That is something that will be addressed post-project. The facility will be designed such that it can accommodate a commercial activity (mostly electrical and plumbing), but it is not being designed with any particular activity in mind. 

- There is acoustics testing going on in the civic center.

Special Events Permits - July 29, 2016

This is a list of the upcoming Special Event Permits approved or under review.

July 22 Weekly Council Notes

1. Recent Articles

Below are a couple of recent articles related to Atherton activity.

Getting coverage in the press can be very helpful. The press can add a significant boost to getting the word out regarding Town activities, programs, and decision-making. Press coverage can also help educate the community on difficult issues and conversations that must be had. But it is important to remember, that as elected and appointed officials, when speaking to the press or in public our words and how we say things often find their way into headlines and articles. It’s important to be cognizant of not only what we say, but how we say it. Turns of phrase, no matter how well meaning or innocent, can often have positive as well as negative connotations to the reader. 

2. Animal Services Monthly Report - June 2016

3. West Nile Virus - Birds & Traps

The San Mateo County Mosquito & Vector Control District found another WNV positive bird in Atherton on Isabella. Traps went out to trap mosquitos immediately. All of the mosquitos captured in the traps tested negative for WNV. 

4. PCE Roll-Out

Council Member DeGolia presented a map of the PCE Roll-Out for Phase I. A question arose regarding PCE’s methodology for selecting customers in the roll-out. The customers in Phase I will be cutover in October on their meter read dates. The customers were selected so that they represented 20% of Atherton’s total residential load and were located in contiguous PG&E neighborhoods. The consultants used PG&E carrier routes to select contiguous areas.

All of the Town’s municipal accounts will be rolled in as well as part of Phase I. I will have something on the September agenda to allow you to provide input into whether the Town should enroll our accounts as 50% renewable or 100% renewable. The accounts include all municipal facilities inclusive of irrigation and streetlights. 

For the roll-out, PCE will send out written notifications next week to those identified customers. Residents that receive enrollment notices will automatically be enrolled to receive the ECOplus product (50% renewable and 75% GHG free) - at lower rates than PG&E’s current set. Here is a link to the notice material and informational materials

Even if a customer is not in the initial 20% roll-out for Phase I, customers can be “early adopters” by enrolling on the website. We will assist in publicizing this information. Residents can also choose to be ECO100 customers (100% renewable sources and 100% carbon free). This product is 1 cent/kWh above the ECOplus rate. 

5. PG&E Postcards on LED Streetlights

PG&E completed its PG&E-owned LED Streetlight Conversion Project in Atherton. They are sending out a post-installation postcard to those that live in the vicinity of the new street lights. Approximately 1,118 residences in Atherton will receive the postcard. 

6. Cal Water Urban Water Management Plan

California Water Service has prepared and adopted an update to its Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) that addresses water service condition in the Bear Gulch Service Area. The Plan describes and elevates the sources of supply, reasonable and practical efficient water uses, reclamation, and demand management activities in the community. The Plan also addresses measures for residential, commercial, governmental, and industrial water demand management. 

A key focus of the UWMP is an update to the conservation requirements set forth in Senate Bill 7 as passed in November 2009. SB 7 mandates a statewide 20% reduction per capita urban water use by 2020. In order to quantify the objectives and identify the means of achieving this mandated demand reduction, Cal Water has updated the Conservation Master Plan for the Bear Gulch area. A copy of that Plan is in one of the appendices of the UWMP. An electronic copy of the UWMP is available at http://www.calwater.com/conservation/uwmp

7. Accounting Technician - Amanda Governale

As mentioned, with the reclassification of Noy to Junior Accountant we backfilled her Accounting Technician position. Beginning August 1 we welcome on board Amanda Governale as the Town’s Accounting Technician. Amanda holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont. Amanda’s most recent work experience includes a paid internship with the Town of Woodside where she assisted with projects and events, analyzed data and created codes for TRAKit and OpenGov, and assisted the Town in transferring to a new financial system - Springbrook (the one used by Atherton). Amanda also served as an intern with the City of San Bruno where she oversaw the complete renovation of the City’s website. Prior to that, Amanda interned with the College of San Mateo while working on her Bachelor’s Degree. If you are by after August 1, stop in and say hi to Amanda.

8. Pursuit Rated Hybrids/Alternative Fuel Vehicles

One of the questions that arises when the Town purchases police vehicles is when/how can we purchase pursuit rated vehicles that use alternative fuel technologies. My response to date has been that there are no alternative fuel vehicles at this time that are pursuit rated. However, that’s not to say they aren’t coming. In late 2015, the EPA certified bi-fuel and dedicated liquid-injection propane autogas systems for use in Ford police vehicles. When we learned of this, we contacted our Ford dealership that outfits our police vehicles. The strong advice was not to make the purchases at this time. The rationale expressed was because there are no prep packages presently designed that allow these vehicles to be outfitted properly for use. Without the proper prep packages, the representative advised that there could be some very significant engine issues. 

My suggestion is that we keep watch of these emerging technologies. The Town’s vehicle purchases are small scale and impactful when we need to do so (budget wise). We are not purchasing fleet vehicles in tranches. If we were to purchase a vehicle and it had issues that had not been fully vetted, the impact on our finances would be greater than the impact on larger agencies to repurchase. I suggest we keep watch of the emerging tech and let the dust settle on its use a bit by larger agencies before we leap in - we are simply not nimble enough to absorb the impact of a purchase that goes awry. 

9. 303 Atherton Avenue - Cell Tower

We are denying the landscape screening options for the approved cell tower at 303 Atherton Avenue. The cell provider has exhausted all options to devise an approvable landscape screening plan under the existing permit. A redesign will be required with the possibility of a camouflage/concealed pole (tree).

10. Helicopter at National Night Out

As in prior years, the CHP Helicopter will be landing at the Park during the National Night Out event on August 2. This is practice for emergency preparedness. Neighbors in the area are notified by letter in advance.

11. Business License Tax

Staff has contacted Hillsborough to get to the bottom of their business license tax/ordinance. They have advised that their current practice is in line with what staff presented at the meeting on Wednesday night - for contractors pulling a building permit, they pay 0.5% based on the permit valuation for every permit pulled as a business license tax in addition to their basic building permit fee.

Atherton has two significant builders in Town as I pointed out during our conversations. If Atherton adopted the Hillsborough model of 0.5% based on permit valuation, in calendar year 2015, one of those builders would have paid a license tax of $18,996 based on permit valuations of $3,799,251 and the other would have paid a license tax of $102,190 based on permit valuations of $20,437,940. I don’t know what those builders paid in Hillsborough, but I have asked. Those amounts will fluctuate year over year based on their permit activity for the year. 

July 15 Weekly Council Notes

1. Team-Building/Goals Workshop

Nancy Hetrick has met with each of you to discuss the August Team Building Workshop. Thank you for taking the time for the pre-meeting. I am meeting with Nancy at 11 am on Wednesday to go through the feedback. The August workshop is not a goal-setting workshop. It is an opportunity to build and reinforce the positive team (both Council and Executive) moving forward. The date and time of the workshop has not yet been set. 

2. Train Horn - Quiet Zone

Mike Kashiwagi and I met with Michelle Bouchard and others with Caltrain to discuss any continuing issues they may have with quiet zone compliance. In addition, we will be discussing the possibility of quad gates at Watkins and diagnostic review of both Watkins and the Atherton Train Station. 
3. Locate and Mark - USA North 811

The Town is not a member of USANorth 811. We have never have been. Recently, there was an incident on James Avenue where the Sanitary District hit one of the Town’s street light underground wires as part of a lateral installation project. Not only is this inconvenient - it’s dangerous. The adjacent property owner inquired as to why there Town is not a member. There are annual membership fees, GIS mapping requirements and annual follow-up. I connected with Steve to determine if the Town had ever considered membership in the past and he advised that we had, but had never followed through - cutting it from any proposed budget. I do not know what the fee is - honestly, I do not believe it could be that prohibitive. Membership provides a benefit, but also requires our participation. Steve and I will look into membership as I believe it’s time we seriously consider doing so.

4. LED Fact Sheet from PG&E - AMA Report

5. CalWater Update - Drought Data/Presentation

CalWater has provided the update for Atherton’s consumption for June 2016. It is linked here  Atherton conserved 45% as compared to 2013 and 39% year to date. A member of the Council asked if CalWater could present an update to the Council in September. I have contacted Dawn Smithson and she will be present at the meeting to present. I will provide her with some Q&A of interest. If there is something specific any member of the Council would like her to address please advise. 

Bear Gulch has not done a specific Drought Actions Summary Report, but she will request one. She advised that any funds collected through the “overage surcharge” (using more than your allotted water budget) are returned to customers via their WRAM (Water Revenue Adjustment Mechanism). When rates are generated, there are certain assumptions based on how much water they predict they will sell. If that varies, the difference is “trued up” through the WRAM system which either issues a surcharge or credit to the customer bill. The funds associated with the “overage surcharge” will go to offset the WRAM. Fees collected through restricted uses of water (e.g. watering hard surfaces, not using a positive pressure shut-off nozzle on your hose) were nominal. Dawn indicated that she did not think they collected any fees in Bear Gulch for those violations. If collected, those fees are used to help offset the cost of any extra expenses incurred because of the drought.

6. HdL Companies - July Newsletter

7. Recent Articles

I advised last week that there were a couple of recent articles that I would share with the Council - one on the Civic Center Funding and the other on the Caltrain DEIR lawsuit. Linked here are those articles. 

8. PCE Meeting - July 14, 2016 - 6:30 pm

There was a PCE Board meeting on July 14. On their agenda were discussions on the following:
  • Consideration of roll-out phases
  • Budget for FY 16/17
  • Energy Purchase Authority
  • Marketing & Communication Strategies
  • Report on Renewable versus Greenhouse Gas Free Energy
In addition, Peninsula Clean Energy asked for final pricing from the top three Electric Service Providers on June 27. PCE executed master agreements with the top three ESPs, which were 1) Energy America (a subsidiary of Direct Energy), 2) Exelon Generation Company (through its subsidiary Constellation), and 3) Shell Energy North America.  

PCE selected one ESP to sign the confirmation agreement, which was Energy America/Direct Energy.  This confirmation agreement is for a 51 month term, running from October 2016 through December 2020.  Direct Energy offered the most competitive pricing for the products we will be supplying to PCE's Phase 1 customers.  These products are conventional energy, renewable energy, and greenhouse gas free (carbon free) energy, and scheduling services, which meet the quantities and percentages as directed by the Board of Peninsula Clean Energy.  

9. Camino Al Lago/Camino A Los Cerros/Camino Por Los Arboles/Cowell Lane Intersection

In response to a request/complaint from a local resident, Interwest prepared a technical memorandum to address issues at the intersection of Camino Al Lago/Camino A Los Cerros/Camino Por Los Arboles/Cowell Lane. The information will be presented to the Transportation Committee for consideration at their next meeting.  

In general, there are two existing “Yield” signs at the intersection where the resident indicated that she has almost been hit by vehicles not yielding. The resident would like the “Yield” signs relocated to improve visibility or replaced with “Stop” signs. Staff reviewed collision information from the State Wide Integrated Traffic Reporting System (SWITRS) from 2010 through 2015 for the intersection and found the following:
  • There were a total of four reported collisions (one each in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014).
  • All reported collisions were single vehicle collisions with a fixed object.
  • Three occurred during the day, and one at night
  • The primary causes were: unsafe speed, improper backing, unsafe turning.  The last collision was a reported hit and run, therefore no primary collision factor was stated.
Based upon the above findings, there are no patterns that would require mitigation. Staff also reviewed each of the four Yield sign locations and found the following:

Location #1-Cowell Lane at Camino Por Los Arboles
The location of the existing Yield sign is appropriate; drivers can easily see the sign as they approach, the sign is 24” and does not have much reflectivity. Once at the limit line, the location of the fence/landscaping limits drivers view of approaching vehicles northbound on Camino Por Los Arboles. 
Location #2-Camino A Los Cerros at Camino Por Los Arboles
The location of the existing Yield sign is appropriate, drivers can easily see the sign as they approach, the sign is 24” and does not have much reflectivity. Once at the limit line, the landscaping in the median island may create a visibility issue viewing northbound Camino Por Los Arboles traffic for some vehicles.
Location #3-Camino Al Lago at Camino Por Los Arboles
The location of the existing Yield sign is appropriate, drivers can easily see the sign as they approach, the sign is 30” and does not have much reflectivity. 
Location #4-Camino Al Lago at Camino Por Los Arboles
The location of the existing Yield sign is appropriate, drivers can easily see the sign as they approach, the sign is 24” and does not have much reflectivity. 
Based upon the findings mentioned above, it is recommended that the following be completed:
Location #1
  • Replace the existing Yield sign with a new 30” Stop sign.
  • Install “Sharks Teeth” markings
Location #2
  • Replace the existing 24” Yield sign with a new 30” Yield sign
  • Install “Sharks Teeth” markings
  • The landscaping in the median should be trimmed so that the height does not exceed 36” high (measured from pavement level)
Location #3
  • Replace the existing 24” Yield sign with a new 30” Yield sign
  • Install “Sharks Teeth” markings
Location #4-See photo #4
  • Replace the existing 24” Yield sign with a new 30” Yield sign
  • Install “Sharks Teeth” markings
Stop and Yield signs are to be a minimum of 30” per the current version of the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CA MUTCD). Visuals linked here

July 8 Weekly Council Notes

1. Marsh Road Project

The project is moving along and remains on schedule. I have executed a change order to the project to address the West Bay Reimbursement Agreement, Additional Traffic Control & Flaggers through the completion of the project, additional spare guard rail for future use, and a change in the shoring system. Inclusive of the $632,000 in West Bay work, there is $951,176 in additional work netting against $836,182 in credits and reimbursements for a net change order of $115,004. This is expected to be the bulk of the change orders for the project. There may be some other minor change orders well within the project expectations.   

2. Environmental Programs Committee Meeting

Staff is trying to setup the July/August Environmental Programs Committee for an After Action Report on the Earth Action Fair and selection of Chair/Vice Chair. At this time, there are no action items for consideration by the Committee so future meeting dates/times have not been set. 

3. Complaint Regarding Carcinogens.

The Town received an official request from members of the Police Department to have the building checked for carcinogens. Health concerns have been expressed. The Town conducted a building survey/inspection in 2010 and made improvements. We will be providing the report to the concerned parties and determining if there is a need to conduct additional inspections/analysis. 

4. Triple Flip Final Close Out

On June 30, the State sent a notification advising of the final triple flip amounts. Once all the funds have been received by the County, the final revenue will be transmitted to each agency. There are two agencies in the County that will need to be “trued up” with remittance back to the County, i.e. we were overpaid. Those two agencies are Portola Valley at $23,851.12 and Atherton at $10,494.04. 

The true up calculations were made by the Department of Finance and they are providing us (and Portola Valley) with written details and requests for reimbursement (invoice). The overpayment was based on the amount paid to the agencies and the estimate to actuals comparison performed by the Department of Finance. For those needing additional information about the triple flip, here is a publication that explains some of the history

5. Facebook Expansion DEIR Comment Letter

Linked here is the Town’s comment letter to Facebook’s Expansion DEIR

6. Article in the Daily Post

Linked here is a recent article in the Daily Post regarding the Town’s business license tax. There are a couple of other articles I am trying to get copies of related to Civic Center Funding (Atherton Now) and the Caltrain DEIR Lawsuit. As soon as I have copies, I will forward them to the Council. 

July 1 Weekly Council Notes

1. Managers Meeting - Menlo Fire Nexus Study

On June 30, I met with the City Managers of East Palo Alto and Menlo Park as well as a representative from the County to discuss the Fire District Nexus Fee Study and next steps/recommendations. Consideration of the Nexus Fee Study is on hold pending the outcome of these discussions and next steps. In the coming weeks, we will be setting up a meeting with the Fire Chief to discuss further. At this time, adoption of the Nexus Study has been put on hold. 

2. Atherton Fiber

We have received comments from Atherton Fiber on the draft agreement and are reviewing the issues internally. I spoke with Robert Hayes (CEO of Atherton Fiber) yesterday. He advised that they are re-evalauting their service model and the impact on a potential franchise agreement with the Town given the efforts of Zayo and Wave Broadband in Town. We will be reconnecting in August.  

3. Funding Opportunity for Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Infrastructure

C/CAG is considering pursuit of a grant opportunity from the Department of Energy to fund the purchase and deployment of alternative fuel vehicles (light, medium, heavy duty) and planning efforts for the deployment of refueling infrastructure. The objective of the project is to accelerate the use of electric vehicles and supporting infrastructure through community-based partnerships among state and local governments. The potential project would include all interested cities (for public fleets, as well as strategic partners for fuel supply/auto dealers/etc. 

C/CAG is surveying cities and seeking multiple cities to be partners on the project. Candidates must:

- have developed or currently developing fleet management plans/vehicle replacement strategies;
- currently planning or purchasing (in the near term) alternate fuel vehicles
- looking to deploy alternative fuel charging stations

C/CAG would be the project sponsor. The grant amount would be in the $3m to $5m range. We do not yet know grant application details or specifics, to include matching requirements. However, we have advised C/CAG that we are interested in participating and have identified the possibility of 4 all-electric type vehicles that could replace or augment some of the Town’s existing fleet in Code Enforcement, Arborist, general PW, and General Admin/PD use. 

4. EIR Comments

Staff is working to prepare comments in response to the following EIR Notices:

- Infill EIR for 500 El Camino Real in Menlo Park. Draft EIR with comments due by July 21. This is the Stanford property on the east side of El Camino just north of the Stanford Park Hotel near the Palo Alto City limits. Within the Notice of Preparation, they are planning to analyze all of the Atherton intersections along Middlefield Road between Ringwood and Marsh. The development proposal is for 144,000 sf of non-medical office, 10,000 sf of retail and 215 residential units. 
- Proposed Facebook Expansion - Draft EIR with comments due by July 11. The expansion includes two new office buildings totaling 962,400 sf and a 200-room hotel. 

5. HSR Agreement for Reimbursement

On the July 20 Agenda is authorization for the City Manager to execute a reimbursement agreement with HSR. The agreement itself is still in the works. Last week, staff met with a representative of HSR who is tasked with negotiating reimbursement agreements with cities and counties who will be impacted by planning, design, and construction of HSR. The purpose of the reimbursement agreement is to reimburse cities for staff and contract staff time necessary to research and gather information, review documents, studies, and plans necessary to construct HSR. It does not bind, bar or condition any legal action by the Town related to HSR. 

6. Peninsula Clean Energy - Meeting New CEO

Council Members DeGolia and Widmer and myself will be meeting in July with the Peninsula Clean Energy new CEO, Jan Pepper. 

7. San Mateo County - Preliminary Draft Countywide Transportation Plan

The San Mateo County - Preliminary Draft Countywide Transportation Plan has been released for public comment. Mayor Lewis and Council Member Wiest serve as the Town’s Ad Hoc Subcommittee to C/CAG. Please review the plan and provide me with any comments you might have over the next week. I will consolidate and forward those comments to the Subcommittee. 

8. HP Park Revenue and Event Logs

Linked here are the June Park Events Log and the Revenue Log. A full year logged of Park events netted the Town approximately $100,000. 

9. Green Bicycle Lanes - Valparaiso and Middlefield - MENLO PARK

Menlo Park will be installing green bike lanes at a few intersections in Menlo Park. The roll-out includes a few spots within Atherton on Valparaiso and Middlefield. They have applied for and received an encroachment permit from the Town. With the proximity of these improvements, we will take the opportunity to use their project to help educate our residents about further green lanes along Middlefield in Atherton in advance of our project implementation.

10. Mosquito & Vector Control District - AB 1362

In January, the SMCMVCD moved in opposition to AB 1362. The legislation could reduce the number of trustees on the Board and changed the appointment process from local agencies to the County City Selection Committee. It essentially eliminates the one-city one representative concept for the Board. If the Town would like to add its voice to the issue, please advise. Here is a link to the bill information. It is presently back in Committee.
11. Animal Services Report - May 2016