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Jun 19

Town Center Update - June 19, 2019

Posted on June 19, 2019 at 12:52 PM by grodericks grodericks

The "Look Ahead"

Construction ActivityWith every large construction project, the contractor has to prepare for the coming weeks of the project coordinating the various elements so that they all come together at the right time. Everything from demolition to utilities to ordering the doors and windows has to be timed else the contractor ends up storing equipment for a project months in advance of when they are actually needed or doing something too soon - risking the possibility that something may change in the project in the intervening time. This is typically called the "Look Ahead" and for this project, the Town and Contractor use a 4-week look ahead for various activities. 

Today, June 19, we are in Week 2 of the Project.

Week 1, June 10 - June 14, consisted of mobilization of forces, installation of fencing and site security, light abatement and demolition, site survey and investigation, and installation of project site trailers.

Moving into Week 2, June 17 - June 21, more abatement and demolition begins, some site utilities are capped in preparation of demolition, demolition of irrigation and parking areas, and clearing the temporary police roadway from Ashfield to Fair Oaks. During Week 2, the contract may also begin heavy demolition of the Administration Building, the Permit Center, and the Emergency Storage Shed. 

Week 3 begins next week (June 24 - June 28). This week will most certainly include a continuation of heavy demolition work on the Administration Building, the Permit Center, and the Emergency Storage Shed. There will be more extensive off-haul of debris similar to when the Town demolished the Library. This work will continue into Week 4, July 1-July 5 as well (although no work will be done on July 4). Also beginning this week (Week 3) will be the installation of the building pad at the Library and installation of new sewer utility lines (done by utility contractors). These will be new lines installed. Once work on the installation completes, cutovers will be done and the lines will be energized. 

This is the "Look Ahead" through July 5. It is what is planned to occur. But, the test of any plan is its implementation in the field and at that point, it may change. The expectation over these next few weeks is that there will be a lot of off haul material from the building demolitions and demolition of curb, gutter, and parking. Truck traffic will be using authorized truck routes only. There will be utility companies operating on the site installing and testing new utility lines. Concrete trucks will begin to arrive to install the beginnings of building pads. New fencing, secure parking, and ingress/egress will be installed to keep the Police Department operational. 

As always, if you have any concerns regarding project activity, please contact Project Manager Marty Hanneman immediately. Project contact information is below. 

Thanks for reading! 

George Rodericks
City Manager

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