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May 30

It's Really Happening! New Town Center Progress Moved Forward!

Posted on May 30, 2019 at 10:45 AM by grodericks grodericks

It's Really Happening! We're Moving!

Trailers at ParkTomorrow, City Hall at 91 Ashfield Road closes. The Permit Center, and its temporary trailers, also close - temporarily. This includes the Post Office. Staff in each of these facilities will be actively engaged in properly lifting boxes packed over the last few weeks and coordinating with movers to relocate to temporary trailers that have been installed at the Park.

The temporary facilities are located in the North Meadow Parking lot occupying the entirety of the NW corner of that lot. The first trailer is the Administration Trailer. This trailer will house the City Manager, City Clerk Department, Finance Department, City Attorney's Office and the Post Office. The second trailer will house the Building, Planning and Public Works Departments - the new "Permit Trailer".

City Hall services will be closed Friday, May 31 and Monday, June 3 as staff transition to these new temporary facilities. Most of the work will occur on Friday and Saturday and final setup will occur on Monday. Regular service hours and full operation is expected to resume on Tuesday, June 4. Moving furniture and people is fairly straightforward, but technology and utilities are usually another story altogether. Relocation is often not without hiccups and we are encountering issues with the setup of technology and utilities (power) at the new temporary facilities. Council, Commission and Committee meetings will be posted for their new locations in either the Main House or Pavilion at the Park.

We apologize for any inconvenience as we try and finalize all the necessary issues. Once Town Operations are opened at the Park, there will be some inconvenience to Park events and parking. Staff are directed to park along the exit road to the Park to allow the public to have primary access to paved parking spaces in the Park during operational hours.    

The Police Department will remain located at 83 Ashfield and will retain public access off of Ashfield Road. The already placed temporary Library Building on Maple Avenue will remain as well. Once construction begins, the public parking area around the facility will be revised. The Contractor, SJ Amoroso, will fence the entire site.  Ashfield Road will become a temporary cul-de-sac until the project completes. Access to the Police Department will be from Ashfield Road only. Police vehicles will have ingress and egress to both Fair Oaks and Ashfield Road for emergency use only. 
On June 3, SJ Amoroso will begin to fence the entirety of the project site and begin work on the project's underground utilities and demolition of site improvements. This work will encompass the first couple of months of the project. The Administration Building, Permit Center, EOC Storage Building, and Police Department Garage will be demolished. Site utilities will be located, relocated, and rebuilt as needed. Temporary construction trailers will be placed on site and heavy construction equipment and materials will begin to be staged.

The site plan for the project will eventually turn Ashfield Road to Fair Oaks for a 4-way stop sign. The center of the Town Center site, which is now vehicle-oriented will become a pedestrian oriented civic courtyard. Dinkelspiel/Station Lane will transition from a public street to a vehicle and bicycle corridor from Maple to Fair Oaks as part of the larger site parking corridor. Access to City Hall and the Police Station will be from Fair Oaks as the site access is re-oriented. 

Once construction begins, a live web-cam link will be created on the Town's website and you can follow the progress of the project as it moves along!

Visit the Project Website at 

A Project Activity Blog can be found here: 

You can find project information and contact info for project managers at both of the preceding links. Remember, we're closed Friday, May 31 and Monday, June 3. Please share this information with people you may know would be interested! We'll see you at the Park on Tuesday!

George Rodericks
City Manager
Town of Atherton