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May 23

Preliminary Site Work Begins for the new Town Center

Posted on May 23, 2019 at 12:53 PM by grodericks grodericks

May 23, 2019 - Preliminary Site Work

Preliminary site work for the new Town Center continues as temporary trailers are installed at Holbrook Palmer Park and site clearing and preliminary tree protection work continues at the Town Center property. 

Trailers at Park
Tree Protection Site Clearing
Tree Protection
Progress is made on a decomposed granite pathway that will provide temporary pedestrian access along the east portion of the Town Center parcel to residents on Ashfield Road so that they can access Maple Avenue, the Park, and the temporary Library.
DG Path Work
SJ Amoroso (contractor) begins preliminary tree protection measures and a site survey of utilities and infrastructure.
Site Survey

Project site fencing will installed beginning the week of June 3 as SJ Amoroso mobilizes to the project site. Two construction trailers will be located on site. Fencing will enclose the entire site and through traffic will no longer be allowed on Ashfield Road, Maple, and Dinkelspiel/Station Lane. The regular truck route for the Project will be Fair Oaks. All contractor parking will be contained within the construction site fencing.  

Access to the temporary library will remain off of Maple Avenue. The Police Department, which will remain on site until the new facility is complete, will maintain public access off of Ashfield Road. The Town will install new wayfinding signs around Town to replace the existing signs denoting that Town Hall (to include the Postal Annex) and Building services will be located at the Park (150 Watkins Avenue). The Police Department will remain off of Ashfield Road - accessible only via Ashfield Road. Library Services will remain in their temporary building off of Maple Avenue.  

Project Contacts: 

Town of Atherton -
Marty Hanneman, Project Manager
(916) 804-0336 -

Mack5 -
Paul Beamer, Construction Manager
(415) 990-9779 -

SJ Amoroso -
Oscar Gee, Project Manager
(415) 652-2082 -
Mark Green, Project Superintendent
(650) 245-4979 -