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May 23

Project Update Notes - Coming Few Weeks in May/June

Posted on May 23, 2019 at 11:35 AM by grodericks grodericks

May 21, 2019

During the week of May 13, tree work completed and work on the pedestrian pathway began. The unimproved, decomposed granite pathway connects Ashfield Road to the temporary library at Maple Avenue along the southeast border of the parcel. SJ Amoroso also conducted pre-construction video and photo logging of the entire site and adjacent properties. Lastly, the contractor began preliminary tree protection efforts. These efforts will be finalized once control of the site passes from the Town to the Contractor on June 3. 

During the week of  May 20, the contractor will finish the decomposed granite pathway, survey the entire project site, and begin to locate final utility markers. 

Town staff, except the Police Department, will complete their relocation to the Park on May 31 and June 3. Town services will be closed on those two days to facilitate the relocation. 

On Tuesday, May 21 at 5:30 pm in the Town Council Chambers, staff and the contractor will host a neighborhood meeting for those living in the immediate area of the project. Staff and the contractor will address general questions regarding the project and work to be done over the next 27 months. 

Beginning June 3, the contractor will mobilize to the project site and begin to install perimeter screened fencing and bring in their construction management trailers (2). 

During the week of June 17, it is expected that the contractor will begin demolition of the Administration building (portion of the main building only - the Police building will remain active), Permit Center, and Police Garage. Temporary fencing will be installed to recreate the secured parking for the Police Department providing gated ingress/egress to Fair Oaks and Ashfield