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May 23

Project Update Notes - Groundbreaking!

Posted on May 23, 2019 at 11:34 AM by grodericks grodericks

April 29, 2019

Ground Breaking was held on April 23 at 3 pm. The event was well attended. Speakers included Mayor Widmer, Vice Mayor DeGolia, Council Member Lewis, Atherton Now Chair Sandy Levison, Civic Center Advisory Committee Chair Steve Dostart, Friends of the Library Representative Joan Sanders, and CEO of S.J. Amoroso, Dana McManus.GroundBreaking TreeWorkThis week, the Town will begin preliminary tree removal work. Those trees that have been slated for removal will be removed in advance of the Contractor beginning their initial site work. West Coast Arborist is on site beginning that work. 

While full construction will begin in early June, a Conditional Notice to Proceed has been issued to the contractor to initiate some preliminary work. This work will include Tree Protection, finalizing site survey points, locating utilities (utility markings), installing stormwater protection measures, and installing a pedestrian pathway to Maple (tentative). 

In late May, the Town will host a neighborhood meeting for the most impacted residents on Maple, Ashfield and Fair Oaks to go through construction scheduling, timing, access, noise, deliveries, and other details that will affect the day-to-day activity on site. Following that meeting, on June 3, the final Notice to Proceed will be issued and construction fencing will go up!