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May 23

Bid Results of the Project

Posted on May 23, 2019 at 11:32 AM by grodericks grodericks

February 27, 2019

On February 27, 2019 the Town received four (4) competitive bids for the Civic Center Projects. Bids were received from SJ Amoroso Construction, BHM, Sausal, and Stronghold Engineering. The Engineer's Estimate for the project was $48,500,000. 

This amount is broken down to the various components of the project with Admin/CDD/PD at approximately $28.5 million and the Library at approximately $20 million. The cost of the site work is divided amongst the two buildings and included in the estimates for both. A bid alternate was included for construction of the new City Council Chambers/Emergency Operations Center. The Engineer's Estimate for the bid alternate was $1,655,000. The total estimated cost for Admin/CDD/PD, Library, all site work and new Council Chambers was $50,155,000. 

The bids received were:

  • S.J. Amoroso (lowest responsive bidder) - $44,177,000
  • Stronghold Engineering - $44,400,000
  • BHM Construction - $44,963,800
  • Sausal Corporation - $55,440,000 

On March 6, 2019, at the Study Session (4 pm) the City Council will consider award of bid to S.J. Amoroso as the lowest responsive bidder for the project and will consider inclusion of the bid alternate for the Council Chambers in that award of bid. 

S.J. Amoroso's bid is broken down as follows:

  • Admin/CDD/PD Building - $24,277,000
  • Library Building - $12,700,000
  • Site Work - $7,200,000
  • Bid Alternate - Council Chambers - $2,900,000

Total bid cost, inclusive of the bid alternate is $47,077,000 (Engineer's Estimate - $50,155,000).

Project Funding

Funding for the project has been identified from saved funds, grants/donations, and available revenues over the anticipated project construction period. Once awarded, it is anticipated that the project construction period will cover portions of four fiscal years (27-28 months). Over that time period, the Town has existing funds and anticipated revenues that provide sufficient funding for the Project. However, the timing of those future revenues may not exactly correspond to the cash flow needs for the Town and project. Depending on the timing of those future revenues, the City Council may consider use of short-term funding via a Certificate of Participation. Additional grant or donation funds received over the project timeline will reduce the funding need for the project.