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Jan 03

PG&E's New Time-of-Use Rate Plan

Posted on January 3, 2018 at 8:19 AM by grodericks grodericks

Yesterday I received information from PG&E about their new "Time of Use" rate plan being rolled out during the week of January 8. PG&E rate plans only affect customers that use PG&E for their electricity generation. As you may know, energy users have the option of using PG&E or Peninsula Clean Energy for their electricity generation.

How It Works - PCE.jpg

Peninsula Clean Energy, or PCE, is San Mateo County's official electricity provider as part of a collaborative of all 20 cities/towns in San Mateo County. The rate plan proposed by PG&E does not affect users that utilize Peninsula Clean Energy for their electricity generation.

Below is a summary of what I received from PG&E. 

As part of PG&E’s ongoing work to improve energy efficiency in California, PG&E will begin introducing a new rate plan to some residential electric customers in January, as part of a multi-year, statewide effort to create a smarter energy future and healthier environment for all Californians.

The new “Time-of-Use” rate plan enhances customer choice and control, and promotes more efficient energy usage. Most Californians are currently on a tiered rate plan where the price of electricity increases as more energy is used. On a Time-of-Use rate plan, when customers use electricity is as important as how much they use. Customers benefit from lower pricing during the times of day when demand for energy is lower and when renewable resources, such as solar power, are more plentiful.

Starting the week of January 8, 2018, some residential customers in Atherton will begin receiving information from PG&E about the new Time-of-Use rate plan and letting them know that -- if they take no action -- they will automatically transition to the new plan in April 2018.


All customers will have the option of staying on their current rate plan or choosing an alternate rate plan.


To help customers with the transition, PG&E will provide:

  • Personalized rate comparisons for customers to choose a plan, as well as tools and programs like Budget Billing and Energy Alerts to help customers manage energy use and stay on budget.
  • Bill protection for the first 12 months to allow customers to try the new plan risk-free. During that period, if customers pay more than they would have on their former rate plan, PG&E will credit the difference.
  • Dedicated customer service representatives at 1-866-743-7945 to answer questions about the new rate plan and other options available. Customers can also learn more at

During this first phase, approximately 150,000 customers across PG&E’s service area will transition into the new plan, unless they choose another rate plan. PG&E will work with and learn from this group of customers to help inform and plan for the full rollout of the new Time-of-Use rate plan to all other eligible residential customers starting in either late 2019 or late 2020, pending a decision by the California Public Utilities Commission.

Linked here is a fact sheet with more information.