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Apr 20

That's A Wrap! - April 19, 2017

Posted on April 20, 2017 at 9:11 AM by grodericks grodericks

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Council Meeting Date: April 19, 2017
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Details of each item can be found via the links to Staff Reports within the narrative. 

The City Council met for the April Regular Council meeting on Wednesday, April 19, beginning at 7 pm. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, the Council moved to Presentations where the Council accepted Proclamations for Public Safety Communications Personnel and National Peace Officers Memorial Day. The Council also heard a Presentation from Peninsula Clean Energy on their upcoming roll-out of energy programs. Following Presentations, the Council moved to Public Comments with a comment regarding a coming Stanford Student Study on Ambulance Services. 

Report.jpegFollowing Public Comment, the Council moved to the City Manager's Report. The City Manager's Report is prepared monthly as part of the City Council's Regular Agenda. In addition to current reports from the City Manager, it includes departmental updates on the various happenings around Town such as reports from Administration, Community Services, Planning, Police, and Public Works. 

After the City Manager's Report, the Council moved to the Consent Agenda consisting of Items 8 through 18. Items on the Consent Agenda are considered routine in nature and are generally considered in one motion and adopted by a single vote of the Council. Included in this month's Consent Agenda were minutes, bills, Treasurer's Report, Audited Financial Statements for FY 2015/16, Participation and Recognition of the Town's GHG Reduction Efforts via the Beacon Award Program, Approval of the Street Light Replacement Contract, Acceptance of Work for some Street Work, and 2nd Reading and Adoption of the Garbage Rate Ordinance, Fire Code, and Second Dwelling Unit Ordinance. After brief comments on the Beacon Award, the Council approved the items on the Consent Agenda. 

Sidewall Item.jpgAfter the Consent Agenda, the Council took up Public Hearings with Item No. 19 - Introduction of an Ordinance Amending the Criteria for Special Structure Permits related to Maximum Allowable Sidewall Height. The Council discussed the proposed ordinance and heard comments from the Chair of the Planning Commission. Following discussion about maximum height, privacy, screening, windows, setback, overall height, and design, the Council introduced the ordinance for first reading with minor changes to the proposed text. 

Next up was the Regular Agenda. The first item on the Regular Agenda was Item #20 - Review of the FY 2017/18 Special Revenue and Internal Service Funds. This item was Meeting #2 on the FY 2017/18 Budget. The Council discussed the various special funds held by the Town, not related to Capital Improvements. These funds included the Equipment Replacement Fund, Library Fund, Tennis Fund, Evans Creative Design Fund, General Liability Fund, and Workers' Compensation Fund. The Council discussed issues related to workers' compensation funding, safety training, claims reduction, and other related issues. The next meeting on the FY 2017/18 Budget will be May 3 with a discussion of the Town's Capital Improvement Program. 

Next was Item #21 - Amendments to PSAs related to the Civic Center Project, Release of an RFQ and receipt of the Cost Model Manager and Value Engineering White Paper. The Council heard a brief staff report related to the need to complete an ALTA Survey and secure additional IT Services for Phasing/Staging. The Council approved the amended scopes of work and moved on to a discussion of Release of an Request for Qualifications to narrow the list of accepted contractors for the Project. The Council made a few modifications to the language in the RFQ - in particular related to Project Funding and Contractor Project Office Requirements. Following discussion, the Council authorized its release. Lastly, the Council discussed elements of the Cost Model Manager and Value Engineering process for the project. Staff articulated the purpose of the Cost Model Manager and discussed how the Project Management Committee, will be used during the next several months as well as the selected contractor to identify opportunities for cost savings. The Council also discussed the Cost Model Manager in relation to funding opportunities and overall project cost versus exceptions. (Civic Center Project Webpage)

Item #22 - Award of a Construction Contract for Intersection Improvements and Bicycle Lane Improvements at Middlefield and Oak Grove was up next. The Council discussed the unacceptably low engineer's estimate as compared to the actual bid price and admonished the consultant for missing the mark. The Council discussed the status of partner agency, Menlo Park, on their related project and discussed opportunities for savings in project scope or design as well as the timing of the Town's $124,200 project grant. Following discussion, the Council authorized acceptance of the bid as submitted.

The penultimate item on the Agenda was Item #23 - Review of the Park Circulation Plan items and a change in the design scope of work. Here the Council discussed the necessary changes to the scope of work for the design consultant to address the expanded project in the Park related to park circulation. The Council discussed ways to segregate out various components of the project and discussed the need for other components. Following discussion, the Council approved the change to the scope of work with the caveat that it be made clear that design does not necessarily mean construction and that the Council will decide at some future point what elements are approved for actual construction. 

The last item on the Agenda was Item #24 - Approval of a Budget Amendment and Consultant Services Agreement to Matrix Consulting Group for the Fire Fiscal Services Review. The Council heard public comment on this item and discussed the recommended proposals and their scope as well as the issues that the Review was hoping to identify. Following discussion, the Council authorized the budget amendment and directed the City Attorney to prepare and City Manager to execute the consultant services agreement. 

Following Council Reports and Final Comments, having cleared the entire Agenda, at approximately 9:50 pm, that, as they say - was a wrap!

The next meeting of the City Council is a Special Goals Meeting on April 25 from 1 pm to 5 pm at the Main House in the Park. At this meeting the Council will identify key goals and priorities for the coming year. This meeting is a public meeting.

The Council will hold its next Study Session on May 3, 2017 at their regular meeting time of 4 pm. This meeting includes Budget Meeting #3 - a Review of the Town's Capital Improvement Project Budget. Also included on the May 3 meeting will be a presentation by a representative from the South Bay Waste Management Authority (SBWMA) on the Franchise Negotiation/Renewal Process.

PS - Saturday, April 22 - Atherton Earth Day Celebration! 

Come Join Us on Saturday, April 22 starting at 10 am and ending at 1 pm - at the Atherton Town Center. The Town's Environmental Programs Committee, Recology, and the Atherton Library are teaming up to bring you - free garden mulch, E-Waste Safe Recycling, Secure Shredding, Eco-Friendly 3-D Printing, the San Mateo County Bookmobile, free Yoga Class, Earth Friendly Planting, Family Friendly Experiments and more! Come and be a part of this fun opportunity!


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City Manager
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