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Mar 04

February 2016 City Manager's Monthly Report

Posted on March 4, 2016 at 3:12 PM by grodericks grodericks

City Manager's Monthly Report - February 2016

Monthly-report.pngWelcome to the City Manager's Monthly Report Blog! 

The City Manager's Monthly Report Blog is a consolidation of issues, communications, and Town activity during the prior month that have been reported to the City Council as part of their weekly email from the City Manager. Sometimes information is duplicated over the course of several emails to the City Council to ensure that it is reviewed.

As I review the information to include in the Monthly Report, to the extent possible, I remove duplicate updates in favor of the most recent; I remove information regarding events that have already occurred; and I edit information that requires update - hopefully to make it more useful. Overall, the information is generally the same as it was presented to the City Council in their weekly Council email.

The Report reads with the most recent first. As always, if you have any questions or comments regarding the Monthly Report, please feel free to contact me via email or phone.


George Rodericks
City Manager
Town of Atherton
(650) 752-0504

February 26, 2016

1. Elena Avenue Trip/Fall

We received a note from a resident concerning the small section of Elena Avenue adjacent to the Circus Club where there is a curb in the middle of the road as a lane divider. The resident advised that their father and another resident hit the curb while walking or biking - causing injury. To highlight the center raised line, staff paintedthe center curb yellow, similar to the centerline curb on Atherton Avenue. 

2. Aging in Atherton

The Town received an email from local resident about the aging population in Atherton (Steve Aber). Steve suggests creating an “Aging in Place” group that would meet on a regular basis. The content and purpose would be to suggest ideas to assist, discuss future meetings, create a support group, presentations, technology, security, transportation, etc. Steve asked if the Town would be interested in supporting the group (possibly as a “designated group” like the Friends of the Park) by getting the word out and providing meeting space. 

Steve and I met this week to discuss the program and its opportunities. He will be creating the group and asking that the Town assist as a partner (designated group). We will include information about the potential group in the next Athertonian and Steve will be coming to the April 6 Study Session to brainstorm a bit with the Council. Steve notes regarding the group are below.

The group would be called ASAP (Atherton Seniors Aging in Place).  ASAP is aimed at Seniors living in Atherton who want to continue to live in Atherton. By creating ASAP it is going to be possible to find out how many Seniors in Atherton want to be part of such a group and what the needs and desires are of the group participants. Some initial thoughts and suggestions about what might be of interest to this group are:
  • ?Should there by regular day programs/meetings
  • Housing* element as it relates to caregiver units
  • Home and personal monitoring Technology
  • Burglar alarms
  • Fire safety such as Fire Sprinkler, Fire and CO alarms
  • Telephone support such as Tele minder?
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Lowering of utility costs
  • Financial topics such as income and property taxes
  • Medical topics such as medications, visiting medical professionals
  • In home care topics such as caregivers and companions
  • Special interest clubs
  •   Walking
  •   Clubs: gardening, cooking, bridge, Book
  •   Social
  •   Food/wine
  •   Sports
  •   Mentoring/volunteering
  •   Home technology
  •   Home accessibility
  •   Outings
Housing - Housing and affordability are two diametrically opposed concepts in Atherton. One way to address this problems is to encourage more 'Secondary Units'.

Civic Engagement - ASAP affords retired individuals in Atherton the opportunity to put their skills and experience to good and extended use.

Transportation - ASAP will help provide access to transportation.

Health/Wellness/Social Services - ASAP will promote a healthy lifestyle by creating opportunities to participate in physical activities.

Technology - Technology has much to offer older adults in areas such as telemedicine, off-site monitoring, and social engagement.

3. Greenheart Complex - Menlo Park

Staff will be reviewing the Draft Environmental Impact Report for this project and preparing comments/responses. A few months ago we developed a process to keep the Transportation Committee involved in traffic impacts caused by regional projects whereby any responses to regional DEIR’s and other documents are provided to the Committee as informational at a public meeting (assuming all of the timing works out). Staff takes in any comments as part of any official Town response. We hope to be able to do this before the April 4 deadline for written comment. 

4. January Water Conservation - Bear Gulch District

January water conservation data has been reported to the State Water Resources Control Board (Board). For the month of January, the Bear Gulch District reduced its water consumption by 19.2% when compared to January 2013. For this service area, the Board set a cumulative water reduction goal of 36%. So far, the Bear Gulch District has reduced its water use by 35% when compared to the same period in 2013. With the Board extending the emergency drought regulations, the Bear Gulch District will need to continue to conserve water to meet the Board’s water conservation goal.

5. SMCL a National Medal Finalist for Museum and Library Service

SMCL was named by the Institute of Museum and Library Services as one of 30 finalists for the 2016 National Medal for Museum and Library Service. The IMLS National Medal is the nation’s highest honor given to museums and libraries for service to the community. IMLS Press Release, SMCL was selected as a finalist after an extensive application process, including nomination by Congresswoman Jackie Speier, who said in her nomination letter, “our county library is leading America into a new era of library services and is an example of America’s engine of enlightenment thriving in a diverse and challenging environment”. This honor recognizes the specific contributions of the programs to support critical community needs such as summer learning, early learning, family engagement, and access to technology. Each finalist will be highlighted through a Share Your Story campaign. SMCL will be highlighted on March 24.

6. Event Garden Status

Linked here is a recent status on the Event Garden

7. MTC-ABAG Merger Study

The MTC is hosting a series of forums to learn about and discuss the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) – Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) Merger Study currently underway. The dates and locations of the forums are as follows: 
  • March 2, 2016: South Bay Regional Forum | San Jose SPUR Offices | 76 S. First Street, San Jose, CA 95113
  • March 8, 2016: East Bay Regional Forum | CCTA Offices – Board Room | 2999 Oak Road, Walnut Creek, CA 94597
  • March 14, 2016: North Bay Regional Forum |City of Novato City Hall – Council Chambers | 922 Machin Ave, Novato, CA 94945
Additional information is provided in the Regional Forum and Merger Information sheets - Regional Forums and Merger Study Information  If you have any questions about the forums or the study, visit the merger website located at

8. Maple Street Correctional Center - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Sheriff Munks has invited Town representatives to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Maple Street Correctional Center, 1300 Maple Street, Redwood City on Tuesday, March 1 at 11 am. For more information, call 650-716-5980. I plan to attend. 

9. IT RFP Timeline

The IT RFP has been released. The timeline for response review is as follows:
  • Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting - March 10
  • Deadline for Submitting a Proposal - April 4
  • Interviews - April 18
  • Recommendations to Council - May 18
  • Award of Bid - June 15
  • Contract Start Date - July 1
10. Selby Lane/ECR Intersection Outreach (Lewis/Wiest)

The Selby Lane/ECR Outreach Meeting is set for February 29. The meeting will have opening comments, background information, an overview of traffic safety improvement ideas, a review by the consultant, and next steps and Q&A.

11. Town & Gown Social Event

The Town & Gown Social Event has been tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, May 24. We selected the date to ensure that the school districts/boards/etc. are all still in Town (not on summer break) and not too heavily into finals and exit exams.  

12. C/CAG Water Committee

Linked here is the Meeting Agenda for the C/CAG Water Committee - March 2 meeting. The meeting will be held in the 1st Floor Conference Room, 155 Bovet Road, San Mateo at 5:30 pm. The public is welcome to attend. 

13. Animal Services Report - January 2016

Linked here is the January 2016 Animal Services Report

14. Salary & Benefit Negotiations

As mentioned in last Friday’s Report, I have begun salary and benefit negotiations for the next APOA Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The current MOU expires in September 2016. We are hoping for a multi-year MOU that is better aligned with the budget cycle so I hope to conclude negotiations early and restart the MOU as of July 1, 2016. To help set the tone during the initial meeting I advised, pursuant to the February 23, 2016 Daily Post article, that the Town would be following suit with the private sector and discontinuing all of the following perks and benefits - even though they are considered excellent recruitment and retention tools:
  • no more filling my office with balloons to celebrate my birthday
  • no more animal onesies and racing around the office in pink tricycles for annual office olympics
  • free meals will be cut to 3 times a week
  • no more party photos on Instagram
  • no more free dessert table as daily free meals are expensive enough
And even though Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Twitter, Apple and others will continue them, we will not be continuing:
  • the indoor tree house
  • no more communal bikes
  • we’re eliminating the volleyball court, bowling alley and apiaries
  • the office community garden will be repurposed
  • the “swim-in-place” pool will be closed
  • the barbershop will be shut down
  • dog care will no longer be offered
  • massages and self-improvement classes will be discontinued
  • organic meals and barbecues will also be discontinued
Everyone understood and will adjust accordingly. 

15. Planning Commission Meeting - February 24, 2016

The Planning Commission, at its February 24, 2016 meeting took the following action:
  1. Approved a Special Structures Permit at 25 Isabella to allow an increase to the main building height with increased setbacks.
  2. Approved a Heritage Tree Removal Permit at 130 Britton to allow the removal of one heritage tree.
  3. Approved a Special Structures Permit at 142 Britton to allow a pool in the side yard and approved a Heritage Tree Removal Permit to allow the removal of two heritage trees.
  4. Continued the public hearing for a Special Structure permit at 89 Tallwood to the next meeting at the request of the applicant
  5. Continued the public hearing for a Special Structure permit at 55 Camino por los Arboles to the next meeting at the request of the applicant
The next Planning Commission is scheduled for March 23, 2016.

16. HdL Headlines Newsletter

As you know, the Town contracts with HdL for information related to the economy. They provide the linked newsletter as informational to their clients.

17. Brown Act Violations - Los Altos

I was speaking with someone over the last couple of weeks about the Brown Act and the question arose as to the penalty, sanctions, and remedies. Linked here is an article from last week’s Daily Post about a Brown Act violation in Los Altos. While the remedy is a re-do, the negative press and violation of the public trust is certainly not a welcome outcome. 

18. Las Lomitas Site Plan - Schematic Design

I met yesterday with Eric Holm, Director of Bond Projects, Las Lomitas Elementary School District. Eric met with me so that we are ahead of their “road show” on the project to various community groups and other agencies. These public meetings will start in the coming weeks. 

Eric and I discussed the site plan and two primary issues: 1) Walsh Road and 2) Drainage/Retention. Eric made it very clear that the District is supportive of helping the Town find a solution for downstream drainage issues. To the degree that the Town feels that using the proposed field area at Las Lomitas as a retention pond, the District supports that endeavor. However, they do not have funding within their bond measure to financially support the project. The District could consider a joint agreement allowing the Town to have an easement over the property for the use provided that concern are met regarding design and impact. As part of the current schematic design  the District will manage water flow in, under, and across the property into approved drainage courses. Creation of a retention basin is something that benefits the Town, but not required as part of their development. 

Eric and I also spoke about the Walsh Road intersection with the District proposed parking lot design. We discussed the possibilities for the intersection, to include the possibility of a full signal, 4-way stop, HAWK beacon, and controlled crosswalks. The District has agreed to do a number of additional traffic studies at the Walsh Road intersection (their cost) in support of the Town’s recent effort to assess all of Alameda de las Pulgas. Preliminary indications from their traffic engineer notes that the District project will improve the flow along the Alameda. As part of the project, the District will be eliminating or restricting use at the gauntlet of crosswalks beyond Camino al Lago. They will focus crossing at Camino al Lago and Walsh intersections. Without signalization, Walsh will have restricting turning movements - i.e. right turn only out of the parking lot. The traffic engineer notes that while a signalized intersection would provide better flow, a controlled crosswalk would also suffice. Further, that the impact of the project improves the flow along the Alameda and does not have a negative impact (use period and direction). The District also plans on making a number of pedestrian oriented improvements around the school to include crosswalk improvements and sidewalks. 

Eric asked if the Town would be interested in funding a signal at Walsh Road. I advised that that is a policy call for the Council; however, a signal would assist Walsh Road property owners with exiting onto the Alameda and given the timing of school operations, the signal would give priority to the Alameda during heavy commute hours unless triggered by a Walsh Road vehicle. 

Eric will be out of town for the next 3 weeks, but upon his return we will be getting together again to discuss next steps - to include a discussion at the Council level as part of the budget process. I advised Eric of the Town & Gown event in May and suggested that his Board Members be prepared to have conversations about the improvements. 

February 19, 2016

1. Visit by Hillary Clinton

The property owner at 2 Parkwood has completed the Special Event Permit Application. The event is Sunday, February 21 from 2 pm to 5:45 pm. There will be uniformed officers in and around the event. At this time we are still coordinating whether or not the event requires an Atherton PD presence with the Secret Service. There will be an estimated 400 guests. They will valet vehicles on Ringwood. The CHP is handling all escort requirements Limited local impact. 

2. FAA Follow-up

The FAA is returning to the 18th Congressional District on Monday, March 7 to conduct a follow-up meeting with local elected officials from each community. Each community may send one member of the Council to attend and represent constituents along with staff. I plan to attend. Mayor Lewis and Vice Mayor Lempres are representatives from the Town. Mayor Lewis has confirmed her attendance on behalf of the Town. 

3. E-Shred and Compost Event

We have been unable to secure an April or May date for the event. We have scheduled June 4. Since it is no longer close enough to be connected to the Earth Day event, it will be held in the Town Hall parking area like last year’s successful event. 

4. Committee Recruitment

We will be opening up our annual committee recruitment process. It will begin on March 4 with a deadline of April 8. We can extend if necessary. A banner will go up on Marsh Road. 

5. Roundabout - Alameda de las Pulgas

We received the below feedback from James De Voy regarding the proposed roundabout at Alameda de las Pulgas. 

"I have read about the potential plan of installing a round about or traffic circle at the intersection of Atherton Avenue and the Alameda.   I often pass by that intersection and I have seen the significant back ups that occur mainly during the rush hours when there is substantial traffic to and from the Stanford area and the Woodside High School.  However, I often have occasion to conduct business in the South Western part of France, where traffic circles and round abouts are very common.  From that experience, I do not think that such a concept would work that well at that location for several reasons.

1.  To make a round about work as intended, the right of way must be understood by all drivers.  As there are very few on main streets in our area, drivers here are not aware of the rule that the car on the left has absolute priority. In addition, some drivers who assume that they have the priority barely slow down and take only a cursory look at the other traffic and just barrel through the round about.  The result could be some very nasty collisions with drivers who do not understand the rules or push them to an extreme.

2.  With the major flow of traffic coming from Woodside Road in the morning, if there is a traffic circle or round about, drivers coming  East down Atherton Avenue to the Alameda will have major problems trying to get into the circle as they will constantly have to yield to the heavy flow coming from their left.  The same thing will occur in the afternoon commute when the heavy traffic comes from the direction of Menlo Park.  In that case, any traffic coming westerly up Atherton Avenue will have a hard time getting into the traffic circle to go anywhere.  In short, the traffic circle will work against some Atherton residents during heavy traffic on the Alameda depending on the direction that they are attempting to get to., and 

3.  The traffic circles that I am familiar with are much larger than the space currently used for the intersection.  I doubt that the town wants to try to use eminent domaine to secure additional land to make a larger round about .

Bottom line:  Put in a traffic light and set it to give priority to the Alameda traffic during rush hours, and make it a blinking red for a full stop for all concerned ( as we now have ) for all other hours.  That should save time and money for everyone”

6. County Animal Control Shelter Project

As advised, I am a member of the County’s Animal Control Shelter Project Committee. We met yesterday for a kick-off meeting to discuss the steps in the County’s Design-Build Shelter Project. The County projects a $20m, staff-led project design-build project with an open date in 2018. As the project moves along I will keep you apprised. 

7. APOA Negotiations

Next week I begin negotiations with the Atherton Police Officers Association. 

8. Traffic Engineer Reports

Two recent traffic engineer reports were recently completed to address two issues raised as part of the Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan. 

Presently, Oak Grove Avenue between Laurel Street and middle filed Road is not designated as a bike facility. The linked memorandum evaluates whether it is beneficial to designate Oak Grove Avenue as a route. The study considers the routes along Glenwood Avenue, Oak Grove Avenue and Ravenswood Avenue between Middlefield and El Camino Real. The conclusion notes that although Glenwood Avenue offers less interaction between bicyclists and motor vehicles, bicyclists currently choose Oak Grove over Glenwood by a significant margin for their east-west maneuvers. There is a recommendation to designate Oak Grove as a Class II route. A review and recommendation will progress up through the Bicycle Pedestrian Committee to the Transportation Committee to the City Council. Staff will also follow-up with Menlo Park about their planned Bicycle Pedestrian Improvement Projects in the area. 

There are currently 3 marked crossings across Middlefield between Watkins Avenue and Oak Grove. The linked memorandum evaluated the potential addition of crossing at James Avenue and/or Glenwood Avenue. The consolation notes that there is a recommendation for a crossing at Glenwood Avenue. However, it also notes that if a crossing is installed that rapid flashing beacons be considered as well. This will flow up through the Transportation Committee to the City Council. 

February 12, 2016

1. Civic Center Project

A member of the Council has asked for a proposed site plan that indicates dimensions. Linked here is the referenced drawing

2. Climate Action Plan - Continued Meeting Date

It has been suggested that instead of a separate Special Meeting to continue review of the Climate Action Plan that the discussion be continued at the March 2 Study Session. Presently, I have scheduled a discussion of the SBWMA/Recology Franchise Renewal & Potential of an RFB. This conversation could be involved; however, with a recent meeting of the Council Subcommittee, the discussion can be a bit more focused and would likely take no more than 30-45 minutes. This item has a timing requirement and must be scheduled in early March. Given its ability to be more focused, we can add a second item to the Agenda. However, the continued discussion of the CAP will likely take more than one hour. To accommodate that discussion as an addition to the Agenda for March 2, what is the Council’s preference for extending the March 2 Agenda:

1) Add 30 minutes at the beginning - START @ 2:30 pm
2) Add 30 minutes at the conclusion - END @ 5:30 pm (this impacts other meetings - Airport, etc.)
3) DO NOT ADD to the March 2 Agenda - Continue to find another separate Special Meeting
4) Other - Please suggest

Please be advised that some members of the Council have challenges finding additional dates/times for a Special Meeting and as a result, scheduling further discussion may get pushed farther out into April or May.

3. ABAG-MTC Merger

Linked here is a summary of an ongoing merger study being conducted for ABAG and the MTC. As you may recall, the study is being conducted to assess the best near-term approach to carry out the land use and transportation planning responsibilities set forth in SB 375 and reduce duplication. There is a website with further information. 

4. HPP Event and Revenue Log

Linked here are the Revenue and Event Logs for the Park. 

5. Local News - POTUS Visit

Below are a few links to local press regarding the POTUS visit. 

I also conducted an on-air radio interview with KGO Radio on Thursday morning as well as print-media interviews with SFGate and NBC.

6. San Mateo Manager’s Meeting - February 11

At the last Manager’s Meeting we discussed a number of issues that have local relevance. These include:

* Enforcement/Issues surrounding AirBnB operation in local communities (zoning, neighborhood impacts, positive/negative, and TOT)
* Marijuana Dispensaries, local ordinances, State laws, and an upcoming ballot initiative
* Imposition of Minimum Wage Ordinances

An issue that will make its way to the Town’s budget cycle is the use of Homeless Outreach Teams. The Homeless Outreach Team (HOT), a unique program to address chronic homelessness. The issue of homelessness is a multi-faceted one. While the Town does not have a significant problem with the homeless, we do encounter these individuals on a semi-regular basis and need appropriate resources to handle the issues and people involved. Local law enforcement are often the first government officials to make contact with a homeless person in Town. The Town needs resources to assist. Resources available through InnVision and the ShelterNetwork are available in the County and many agencies contribute to these facilities to address their homeless. However, they are already heavily burdened and are presently seeking financial contribution from local communities in order to continue to assist local law enforcement. 

This proposal will return to the Town as part of the 2016-17 budget process with a request for $5,000 to $6,500 annually (based on population and assessed valuation). More information to follow. However, in the interim, linked here is a report recently produced in Menlo Park that also includes the 
2013 Census and Final Report for San Mateo County. At the Manager’s meeting on Thursday, Kevin (Woodside) and I voiced concern with respect to the annual contribution requirement and discussed options to reduce the cost while still allowing the agencies to participate in the program as a resource. 

It should be noted that while we encounter homeless in Atherton it is not an everyday occurrence. Law enforcement and public works recently dealt with a homeless encampment on El Camino at the rear of a resident’s property. The outcome, while successful, was enforcement based. 

7. Town & Gown Event

We are working to schedule a Town & Gown social event for May/June. Following this event, we will begin quarterly meetings with local school boards and elected officials. 

8. National League of Cities - Caremark Program

The National League of Cities sponsors a free program for discounts on prescription medications. We are investigating the possibility of offering the program locally. 

9. FAQs - Town Website

As the Council is aware, we use regular mail, public notices, Town website, Facebook, Twitter, and NextDoor to get official information out to the community. As a matter of policy, we do not spend time monitoring and responding to the various media outlets and blogs. However, recently I saw a series of posts related to an Almanac article that prompted me to provide the Almanac with a link to Town FAQs on its website targeted specifically to answer the questions raised in the article commentary. Barbara Wood graciously posted the link to the FAQs within the commentary. However, the poster continued along their original vein and it prompted an official reply to the comment section by me. I provided a summary of the Town’s policy regarding posting on blogs and asked that those interested follow along via the Town’s website and other official outlets. 

I also invited the anonymous poster to contact me directly. As of this writing, I have not heard from the poster. Nevertheless, the FAQs answer the questions posed by the poster. Here is a link to the Almanac article to which I responded. 

Here is a link to the FAQs referenced. 

February 5, 2016

1. Special Events - POTUS and the Super Bowl

As advised, we have confirmed the POTUS visit for February 11. We are working with the Secret Service and the hosting property owner to work through event planning and the Town’s Special Event Permit requirements. 

In addition, we have been in contact with the property owner hosting the Super Bowl Party on Polhemus this weekend. The property owner has obtained a Special Event Permit and will be reimbursing the Town for additional public safety resources for the event. 

We are also in contact with the property owner hosting a fundraiser for Hilary Clinton later in February.

At this time, all have been cooperative with the Town with respect to the Permit requirements. 

2. Bike Sharrows

We have had a couple of complaints regarding the bicycle sharrows from a member of the Council. Staff and the contractor are aware of the quality issues (over pour, thickness, etc.). The contractor has had issues with their thermoplastic equipment and they have purchased a new stencil to control overflow. They will be repairing those sharrows that do not meet the Town’s requirements. We will not be paying for corrections. The sharrows are standard size per the MUTCD. If you are aware of any particular area where there is excessive overflow or “blobbing” - let me know and I will pass it along to Public Works. We will be inspecting all locations prior to sign-off. 

As part of the complaint, staff was advised to investigate sharrows in Menlo Park. Staff reviewed the other sharrows this week. Staff measured sharrows in Atherton, Menlo Park (MP) (University Ave south of Santa Cruz) and San Mateo County (SMC) (W. Selby). Staff found the sharrows in the three agencies to be similar in size with slight variations as outlined below. 

Menlo Park sharrows are installed in thermoplastic.  The bike symbol in the MP Sharrows has slightly narrower lines with more of a detailed bike. The MP tires are more oval shaped, are approx 2" wide on the sides and 4" on top/bottom as opposed to Atherton's tires which are circular and 4" all around.  MP's length (from point of arrow to bottom of tire) is approx 10',  as opposed to Atherton's length of 9' 3".  MP's sharrows are centered in the travel lane, whereas Atherton's sharrows are centered 4 ft off the edge of pavement (unless they have left/right sharrows, where they are centered in the lane).  The MP sharrow is 3' 3" wide, matching Atherton's width of 3' 3". The MP sharrows were installed a number of years ago wearing down their thickness. Three consecutive sharrows in MP were measured at 260', 310', and 320' as opposed to Atherton's 250' standard spacing.

SM County's sharrows are installed in paint.  The bike symbol in the SMC Sharrows has slightly thicker lines with wider tires.  The SMC tires vary from 3" - 6" wide as opposed to Atherton's tires which are circular and 4" all around.  SMC's length is 8' 9" (virtually no space between arrows and bike seat),  as opposed to Atherton's length of 9' 3".  SMC's sharrows are centered in the travel lane, and is also 3' 3" wide.  Three consecutive sharrows in SMC were measured at 130', 270' and 157' as opposed to Atherton's 250' standard spacing.

The spacing of the MP's and SMC's sharrows seemed to vary based on the length of the block.

The sharrows in Atherton that had left and/or right arrows (as opposed to straight through only arrows) had thinner sharrow line widths).  Both variations were acceptable.  

The thickness of the thermoplastic in Atherton varied between 1/16" and 1/8", which is below the 1/4" tripping hazard threshold.  Other than the quality of workmanship issue, we found the sharrows in Atherton to be installed in compliance with the plans. The contractor has noted that they will repair and clean locations of poor workmanship. Staff will review each location with the contractor prior to recommending acceptance.

3. Intersection of Camino al Lago and Park

A member of the Council reported a complaint from a property owner regarding the rights-of-way at the intersection of Camino al Lago and Park. Staff conducted a brief traffic engineer analysis of the intersection and as a result, installed two “Oncoming Traffic Does Not Stop” signs on the existing stop signs at the intersection. Maintenance to refresh pavement legends will occur during annual maintenance over the summer months. 

4. Marsh Road Project

Over the next week, we will be meeting with stakeholder groups to discuss early project planning, public outreach, notice, and other issues related to the project. We will be hiring a construction management firm to assist with project management. 

5. Internships

A member of the Council referred a student from Menlo College interested in pursuing a volunteer internship with the Town. Once contact is made, we will develop a plan for the internship. 

6. Drought Extension

On February 2, the State Water Resources Control Board (State) extended its mandatory water-use reductions and restrictions through October 2016. Following the April 1 snowpack assessment, the State will decide whether to further modify drought regulations. Until the State modifies these regulations, current water budgets and banking for California Water Service customers will continue. Cal Water will be mailing information to customers about this extension over the next week and have information posted on their web site. Customers can also get their upcoming months’ water budgets online at and in their bill. Customers whose water budget was adjusted through the appeal process will receive separate correspondence regarding their budgets. Additionally, the State will make adjustments to water-use reduction requirements in areas that meet certain criteria, such as population growth and climate. 

7. CCAC Meeting - February 8

Linked here is the PowerPoint for the February 8 CCAC Meeting. As the Council is aware, WRNS was directed to incorporate a “santa barbara style” to the design. Following the mid-January meeting, the CCAC asked WRNS to work further on the Fair Oaks facade possibly reducing the projection of the administrative wing to reduce the shadow on the main entry door, add more detailing to the facade, work on the spacing in the Council Chambers arched outdoor corridor, consider arched entry doors on the Fair Oaks side, investigate further the loggia at the Council Chambers, and examine the Police Department flat roof. 

The table at the beginning of the PowerPoint reflects the comments and WRNS’ response to those comments with the 2 options presented in the PowerPoint.