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Jun 28

Town Center Update - June 28, 2019

Posted on June 28, 2019 at 6:09 PM by grodericks grodericks

Update @ Week End - June 28, 2019

Webcam_ImageMost of the work on the project this week revolved around the demolition of the Administration Building, the Building Permit trailer(s), and the Emergency Storage Shed. The Town setup a Project Photo Gallery, Project Video Gallery (cool short video's of the demolition work), and the first of two Project Webcams. The Webcam images update every 5 minutes. The first up is the Library Webcam. The webcam for the City Hall building will be setup once the demolition and site clearing completes so that a location can be chosen that doesn't interfere with ongoing or immediate future work.  

debrisOnce the buildings were demolished, the contractor set to task to remove the debris. Large trucks passed through the site off-hauling the debris from the project site. The primary truck route for the site brings vehicles in through the Fair Oaks Construction Gate and moves them through the site and back out the same Gate. Fair Oaks to/from El Camino Real is the primary construction off-haul and delivery truck route. 

sawcutThe contractor also began saw cuts in order to begin removal of the asphalt from the site. The contractor has been very careful with the underground SFPUC water line and has chosen to leave the asphalt over the line as a field marker. The pipeline does not pass under any new buildings so the contractor can leave the protective asphalt in place until later in the project.  

Once most of the debris was removed, the contractor also began removal of the top-mulch on the Library site and will soon begin work on the Library Pad. Work on the Library Pad will begin next week (week of July 1). 

Preliminary site utility work also began this week with survey of underground pipelines and connections associated with the sewer lines. The new sewer line will be built in parallel to the older pipe and once complete, there will be a cutover to the new pipeline and the old pipeline will be abandoned in place. Work on this task begins at Maple Avenue and moves toward Fair Oaks. 

Major activity for the week of July 1 includes:

-- Installation of the new sewer line
-- Finish of site demo and off haul
-- Abatement of interior of the Historic Town Hall Building
-- Installation of the new Library Pad

George Rodericks
City Manager