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Aug 05

HMC Architects Begins Their Work

Posted on August 5, 2013 at 1:49 PM by grodericks grodericks

HMC ArchitectsHMC Architects began work this week with their initial meetings with staff, members of the Council, and members of the Civic Center Advisory Committee (CCAC). HMC will spend a couple of days gathering information before they conduct a thorough site analysis, setup user groups, and finalize documents to begin formal design review. From their preliminary schedule (available via the Civic Center Project webpage), most of August will be spend in background research and analysis.

The first Public Workshop will be scheduled for mid-September with a second to follow in December. In the intervening months, HMC and staff will be facilitating various neighborhood meetings as well as regular CCAC Meetings. All of the CCAC Meetings and Public Workshops will be held at the Civic Center or at Holbrook-Palmer Park. The planned neighborhood outreach meetings may be held at private residences in more informal settings - similar to neighborhood watch gatherings. Regardless of the location, the meetings will be well published and open to the public.

Today and tomorrow HMC will gather overview of project team organization, roles, scope of the project, and preliminary project schedule. HMC will provide a "look ahead" table and solidify the communication flow.

For more detail on the project and its status, please visit the Civic Center Project webpage.