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February 21, 2023 3:00 PM

High Winds, Rainfall, and Flood Watch Starting March 21

Winter storms continue. As we continue to recover from the storms in January and February, please stay connected to our Alert Center for resources, contact information, and the latest updates.

The Town's Alert Center is a repository of information that is regularly updated to reflect the current situation throughout the Town as well as provide resources to residents to reach out to PG&E and other providers.

If you lose power for any reason, you can visit the PG&E Outage Center for information regarding specific outages and ETA on restoration, if available -

All are invited to recharge devices and work from the Atherton City Council Chambers at 80 Fair Oaks Lane. As of publishing this post, the Chambers will be open until 5:00 PM.

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Latest Update:

March 21, 2023 3:10 PM

Power is out for many Atherton residents. All are invited to charge devices, hang out, and work from the Atherton City Council Chambers at 80 Fair Oaks Lane. As of publishing this post, the Chambers will be open until 5:00 PM.  See the PG&E outage map from here: 

Our Atherton Library is also losing power intermittently. The library may close early. Check their Twitter for updates:  

Visit the Town's preparedness page for contact information and resources: 

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March 15, 2023 4:20 PM

PG&E has restored the vast majority of outages that have affected the Town; however, there remains about 500+ that are without power. Most are located in SW Atherton although there are spot outages throughout Town and a large section in SW of Town. PG&E is physically in Town and working to clear as many as they can. If you have an outage, you are encouraged to report it to PG&E and subscribe to their text alerts. Smart meters will automatically alert PG&E if there is an outage. 

PG&E is reporting that most customers will be restored long before the March 17 posted date on the PG&E Outage website. PG&E has brought in additional staffing to San Mateo County and will be working 16 hour days, but will have crews working 24/7 to achieve full restoration. 

Power has been restored to City Hall, Police Station and Library. These areas will have charging and wifi opportunities for those that need them during their normal hours (8 pm for the Library). There is a Council meeting tonight at City Hall so the Lobby will be open until 9 pm or later for those that need it. You are also welcome to attend the Council meeting itself and charge up there. For after hours needs, you can also contact the Police Department at City Hall and they have the authority to open the City Hall Lobby or Council Chambers after hours. 

The Town has authorized storm related tree work to continue into the weekend if needed to clear debris and hazards from roadways and power lines. The Town has also reached out to PG&E to arrange a Town Hall meeting in the near future to address concerns related to hazard identification, line clearing, and communication. As soon as that meeting is scheduled we will advise.

March 14, 2023 6:39 PM

While the wind has died down and there is a bit of rain, Public Works, Public Safety, and PG&E tree crews work to clear and reopen the roadways. It Is expected to be clear for the next few days. 

PG&E is working in high-priority areas to restore power. They have a new Restoration Update website that provides a County by County assessment of outages. For example, as of mid-afternoon, the update for San Mateo County was:

San Mateo County:

  • At Stage 1 of Outage
  • 64,007 Customers Out of Service
  • 387 Individual Outages Needing Assessment
  • Based on similar storms, it is projected that 60% of the outages will be fixed in approximately 1 day, 85% of outages in about 2 days.
  • Urban and suburban areas are generally energized faster due to more power routing options.

Visit the PG&E Restoration Update website here. For a visual on the extent of outages in the State and locally, visit the PG&E Outage website here

Please remember to sign-up for Town Alerts Here and San Mateo County Alerts Here. Signing up for both types of alerts will keep you informed of local and regional emergency conditions.