Crime Prevention

Crime can impact the community in many ways. It can endanger our personal sense of safety, damage public and private property, create fear and lower our quality of life. 

Police and Community partnerships are opportunities to work collaboratively to improve the safety of the entire community. We cAPD Website Header and Logoan do this with information sharing, participation in Police volunteer programs, and heightened awareness. The safety of the community is a shared responsibility.

Atherton Police Department conducts several crime prevention activities: 

Neighborhood Prevention Workshops

Officers and Police Leadership conduct neighborhood-level speaking engagements and meetings to discuss strategies, best practices, and tips to prevent burglaries and solicit resident feedback.

Community Safety Meetings 

Police Leadership hosts community meetings to provide crime statistics and updates and bring residents together to address concerns and conduct Q&A sessions with the Chief of Police.

Vacation Home Visits 

Notify the Police Department of upcoming vacations and Officers will make regular visits to your property.

To learn more contact us: 650.688.6500