Carbon Footprint Calculator

The following online tools allow residents to calculate their carbon footprint by answering questions pertaining to home energy and water usage, transportation, food consumption, and shopping. Both tools linked are free to use. 

• Carbon Footprint: This free online tool offered by Carbon Footprint calculates your household’s carbon footprint based on the energy used on: electricity, natural gas, heating oil, coal, LPG, propane, and wood pellets. The tool also allows you to input data regarding travel and modes of transport. Once all the data is input, the tool provides a comparison of your carbon footprint to the country average and the world target.

• Global Footprint Network: This free online tool asks the user scaled questions regarding their food consumption, homes, transportation, and energy use to provide a detailed analysis of carbon footprint. The tool also provides a “solutions” tab with suggestions and ideas on how our carbon footprint can be reduced through food consumption, population, mobility, and home energy use.