Community Events

Photography Credit: Leo Leung
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Photography Credit: Leo Leung
NNO 2023

Annual National Night Out 2023         Tuesday, August 1, 2023                     6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

"The close partnerships the Atherton Police have with our residents are crucial for maintaining a safe and secure community.  Here are some reasons why: 

Building Trust:  When police and communities work together, it helps to build trust and understanding between the two.  This is essential for police officers to be effective in their role of protecting the community.

Crime Prevention:  When police and community members work together, they can identify potential crime hotspots and take proactive measures to prevent crime.  This can include implementing community-based programs, such as neighborhood watch programs, that help to deter criminal activity.

Effective Policing:  Community members are often the first to witness criminal activity and can provide valuable information to the police.  By working together, police can respond more effectively to criminal activity and take appropriate measures to keep the community safe.

Improved Communication:  When police and community members work together, it helps to improve communication between the two.  This can help to reduce misunderstandings and ensure that both sides are on the same page.

Problem Solving:  Police and community partnerships can help to identify underlying social issues that may be contributing to crime in the community.  By working together, police and community members can develop effective strategies to address these issues and reduce crime.

In summary, police and community partnerships are essential for creating a safe and secure society.  By working together, police and community members can build trust, prevent crime, improve communication, and develop effective strategies for addressing social issues." 

- Chief of Police, Steve McCulley