A.D.A.P.T.’s sole mission, in partnership with the Atherton Police Department, is to train and organize Atherton residents to be resilient, response capable and recovery able in the event of a Town-wide emergency or disaster event.


 A message from Chief Steve McCulley - Atherton Police Department

“Get involved now with A.D.A.P.T. Atherton is fortunate to have A.D.A.P.T. as the go-to resource for disaster and major emergency training and preparation. Empower yourself and your family, for our police force, fire services, and medical response teams will likely not have the ability to reach every resident for at least 7 days after an emergency. Join me every month at A.D.A.P.T.’s Community Meetings for real-world emergency training.”

During the current COVID-19 situation, we will still hold our meetings, but they will be virtual. Check your email and/or the website for additional details. 

Find your area number and Area Coordinator to start preparing and planning for a disaster.