Join us at our next Community Meeting                                 Saturday April 6, 2019,  from 9AM-10:30 AM
at Atherton Town Council Chambers - 94 Ashfield Road

ADAPT’s sole mission, in partnership with the Atherton Police Department, is to train and organize Atherton residents to be resilient, response capable and recovery able in the event of a Town-wide emergency or disaster event.

             A message from Chief Steve McCulley - Atherton Police Department

“Few people think about disaster preparedness until a disaster actually occurs.  None of us can forget the images of people stranded In the Santa Rosa fires or the Monticeto floods.  Natural and man-made disasters can strike suddenly without warning, leaving you and your family at risk. As your Chief of Police, I strongly encourage you to join ADAPT, the Atherton Disaster and Preparedness Team. It’s your responsibility to get prepared by being informed, having a plan, and acquiring enough food, water and supplies for at least 7 days." 

Get Connected and Stay Informed! Find YOUR Area Coordinator! 

Atherton is divided into 14 areas, each with its own Area Coordinator. By clicking on the image below, you will be able to place your address in the search bar and get information on your Area Coordinator.  


The following Atherton residents are Area Coordinators. Your Area Coordinator will help keep you informed on how to prepare for an emergency and what to do if there is one. 

Please download the Atherton resident contact information form. Please send the form to your Area Coordinator. All contact information will not be shared and will be kept private.

                                               CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM

AREAS                                       AREA COORDINATOR                            EMAIL
Area 1 Coordinator                             Wally Sleeth              
Area 2 Coordinator                           Rob Westover                   
Area 3 Coordinators                             Ed Pausa     
                                                          Jerry Leugers             
Area 4 Coordinator                              Bill Widmer          
Area 5 Coordinators              2 Area Coordinators Needed
Area 6 Coordinators              2 Area Coordinators Needed
Area 7 Coordinators                   Susan & Richard Warren
Area 8 Coordinators                          Jan McKenzie              
                                                             Bill Grove               
Area 9 Coordinators                        Susan Speicher        
                                                       Mary Lou Schiavo      
Area 10 Coordinator                         Colleen Haight            
Area 11 Coordinators                     Norma Fogelberg   
                                                  Area Coordinator Needed
Area 12 Coordinator                        Jeanne Jensen         
Area 13 Coordinators            2 Area Coordinators Needed
Area 14 Coordinators                   Stephen Nachtshein    
                                                          Alan Douglas