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  1. The Atherton Police Department provides a full range of police services to a population of more than 7,100 residents. The men and women of the Atherton Police Department serve with unmistakable pride and integrity, which has garnered the organization tremendous community support. Subscribing to a philosophy of community policing, they provide a unique and personalized brand of customer service seldom seen in other police agencies. Through strong police / community partnerships, the Town of Atherton enjoys an extremely low crime rate, which contributes to a very desirable quality of life for our residents.
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    Safe Walking and Running On Atherton Streets

    During the COVID pandemic, we have seen a huge influx of walkers and runners on the streets, avenues, and lanes of Atherton. This is a great way to support positive mental health, reduce anxiety, and to spend quality time with family and friends. Read on...
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    Fraud Alert

    All across cities and towns in the United States, people have been receiving fraudulent letters in the mail and telephone calls requesting money or personal information. Read on...