Clean Energy & Energy Efficiency

Great news! Atherton residents have automatically enrolled Peninsula Clean Energy CCA (PCE) customers, meaning your home is powered by green energy. PCE provides electricity from clean energy sources at lower rates than PG&E, reducing your bill. Why do you still receive a bill from PG&E? Because PG&E owns the power lines and delivers the power PCE generates, then they send a consolidated bill to you. 

To date, Atherton residents have ALREADY reduced greenhouse gas emissions in our community by 71% by using PCE and switching to cleaner sources of electricity. Want to do more to reduce your carbon footprint -- and your utility bill? 

Regional resources, such as Home Intel by Home Energy Analytics, provide energy audits for residents in San Mateo County. These energy audits include an analysis of energy usage in your home and can even include suggestions for reducing home energy consumption. PG&E also offers a free energy audit to help homeowners save money on bills by identifying energy consumption sources: PG&E Energy Audit. Bay Area residents can save energy and money with the BayREN Home+ Program, where a Home Energy Advisor can analyze the home and then provide recommendations (including information about cash rebates) for installing energy-efficient measures, including adding insulation, fixing air or duct leaks, updating appliances, and more.

Electric water heat pumps are 3x more efficient than their gas counterparts. Heat pumps can replace both furnace and AC units. Induction stoves cook food faster than gas stoves. Replace old appliances with ENERGY STAR products. There are rebates available, and these energy-efficient devices will reduce your electric bill.

Solar panels will keep your lights on during a power outage, reduce your power bill, and add more renewable energy to the grid. California’s net metering means solar homeowners will receive credits for surplus electricity at the retail rate, often causing drastic reductions in utility bills. Add battery storage to your solar panels to help fortify our grid and prevent blackouts. Consider forming a microgrid with your neighbors. Tax credits, rebates, and financing options to help offset the installation cost make going solar an intelligent financial decision. 

Dig into how energy fits into our Climate Action Plan and find steps you can take to achieve the Town's building decarbonization goals on our dashboard: