Evacuation Plan & Emergency Siren

Evacuation Plan and Fire/Flood Siren Notification System

For the Atherton Walsh Road Neighborhood

In the event of a fire or flood, there is a warning siren installed at the Cal Water facility on Reservoir Road. The siren can be activated by the Fire or Police Department to advise residents that an evacuation should take place.

Tone 1 - Continuous Siren = Fire

Tone 2 - Intermittent Siren = Dam Breach/Flood

Emergency Evacuation Routes:

  1. The main evacuation route for the area is Walsh Road to Alameda
  2. The main secondary automobile route in an emergency will be the road through the water company connecting to Moore Road. The water company has to open the gate at the entrance of the road for this to be passable.
  3. There is a pedestrian only exit using the horse tunnel under highway 280.

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Evacuation Plan and Emergency Siren Notification Information Map