Middlefield Road/Oak Grove Avenue Complete Streets

Middlefield Road/ Oak Grove Avenue Complete Streets Capital Improvement Project

The Town of Atherton has retained a consultant to design and implement projects from the Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan. The project focuses on improving access for students, families, residents and visitors walking or biking through this intersection. Specific improvements include providing accessible curb ramps, upgraded pedestrian push buttons, countdown style pedestrian heads, improved pedestrian and bike paths and removing barriers along the pedestrian path.

Menlo Park recently identified bicycle improvements on Oak Grove Avenue west of Rebecca Lane. The consultant will design a continuation of bicycle facility improvements east of Menlo Park within Atherton between Rebecca Lane and Middlefield Road. This would include a Class II facility on the north side of Oak Grove Avenue with a shared pedestrian and bicycle Class I facility on the existing dirt gravel path on the south side of Oak Grove Avenue.

The Town is looking to retain a contractor to construct the Class I and II routes and intersection improvements. Construction of Class I and II improvements will include the placement of bike route signs and bicycle lane markings on the pavement. These improvements will help inform users that the routes are designated for use of bicycles and shared use of bicycles and pedestrians. Below is a construction schedule list and scope of work.

History & Status

The town's contractor will be improving the handicap ramps, signals and bicycle facilities this summer. Listed below is the anticipated schedule of when work will be completed. The schedule is subject to change and will be updated as needed, due to unforeseen delays or weather related issues. Work will be completed during off peak travel periods to minimize disruption to the public. Please use caution and look for constructions activities as follows:

  • March 16, 2017……………………...Post request for bids on Town website
  • Week of March 20, 2017……………Advertise in local newspaper(s) and post on industry websites
  • April 4, 2017, 11 AM………………...Pre-bid meeting (non-mandatory)
  • April 11, 2017, 11 AM…………….....Public Bid Opening
  • April 19, 2017………………………...Recommendation to Council for award of contract

Scope of Work

The limits of work for Middlefield Road/ Oak Grove Avenue Complete Streets Project are:

  • Middlefield Road – 300 feet north and south of the Middlefield Road/Oak Grove Ave intersection; and
  • Oak Grove Ave – between Rebecca Lane and Middlefield Road;

Plans & Specifications 


Middlefield Road/Oak Grove Avenue (PDF)

Previous Action

Following receipt of feedback on the bicycle facilities in Menlo Park on Oak Grove Avenue, proposed renderings were presented to City Council and to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee members. Council and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee approved the plans at their February meeting for class I bicycle facilities on the south side of Oak Grove Avenue and Class II on the north side. The project is currently in the design phase and will be advertised for Contractors to Bid on once 100% design plans have been approved by City Council. Staff anticipates Council will award the project to the lowest price responsive and qualified bidder at the April Council Meeting, and that work will be completed by the end of August 2017 pending favorable weather.

February 15th City Council Staff Report (PDF)

February 2017 Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee Meeting Notes

Historical Project Materials

Initial Master Plan Project List (PDF)

Priority Projects List from the Master Plan (PDF)

For reference.

Project Contact:

Marty Hanneman, PE, TE
City Engineer
Email Marty Hanneman