Atherton looks to work with local residents, regional agencies, and private organizations in order to build a more sustainable future. Initiatives working towards this goal include education and outreach to the community on sustainable practices, providing a category of programs aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and saving energy at home, and the adoption of a Climate Action Plan.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency means buildings using less energy. New, emerging technologies, as well as simple in-house solutions can lead to more energy efficient homes for Atherton residents.

Green Building

Green or sustainable building is the practice of resource efficient techniques during demolition, construction, renovations, and maintenance. Techniques to achieve green building include: maximizing natural lighting, utilizing energy efficient lighting, and using recycled construction materials, among others.

Water Conservation

Sustainable water management can have benefits such as reduced pollution into the storm water systems and provide a sustainable source of water through repurposed rain fall.

Waste Reduction

Waste reduction does not only mean reducing garbage. It also entails recycling and composting.

Climate Action Plan

The Climate Action Plan provides a framework through which the Town of Atherton can set and monitor sustainability targets.

Carbon Footprint Calculators
The following online tools allow residents to calculate their carbon footprint by answering questions pertaining to home energy and water usage, transportation, food consumption, and shopping. Both tools linked are free to use.  

Atherton Sustainability Brochure

Keep an eye out for Atherton’s Home Sustainability Brochure, “Sustaining the Future." Created by Atherton’s Environmental Programs Committee (EPC) to promote the goals of the Town’s Climate Action Plan (CAP), the brochure features sustainability resources, tips and tricks for Atherton’s Residents to implement in their everyday lives.

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