Traffic - 650-752-0502

The Atherton Police Department has a specialized unit of motorcycle officers who primarily focus on reducing traffic collisions and improving the adherence to traffic laws within the Town of Atherton. The Traffic Officers investigate traffic collisions, educate the public about traffic safety, and work with the Town Staff and Town Engineer to improve the overall safety for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians who use our roadways. The Traffic Officers also attend community events, deliver presentations on traffic safety to students at local schools, and assist the patrol division as needed to reduce and prevent crime.


Here are some tips to help maintain the safety of drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians who travel on the streets within the Town of Atherton:  

1) Please travel at or below the posted speed limit. The majority of streets within the Town of Atherton are posted at 25 miles per hour. Traveling at the posted speed limit will help reduce collisions, which will reduce injuries and property damage.

2) Remember that a bicycle is considered a vehicle, and a bicyclist must obey all of the laws and regulations which apply to a vehicle, including speed limits, stop signs, and red lights. Also remember that a bicycle must travel with the flow of traffic (in the same direction), not against it (in the opposite direction).

3) If you walk on the streets within the Town of Atherton, please walk facing on-coming traffic, not with your back to on-coming traffic. This will allow you to see vehicles which are approaching and may give you time to move out of the way and avoid a possible collision.

If you have an area of concern regarding traffic in the Town of Atherton, or would like extra traffic enforcement on a street within the Town of Atherton, please contact the Atherton Police Department at 650-688-6500.