Atherton Social Media

Atherton Social Media

Atherton participates through various social media outlets as well as feedback opportunities on the Town's website. The Town strives to provide multiple touch points and opportunities to engage the community and increase civic participation. To accomplish this, we hold public meetings, host a comprehensive website with numerous transparency tools - such as OpenGov, have an online survey tool in Open Town Hall, provide an online Police Report Tool (CitizenRims), video the CIty Council and Committee meetings and post them on Youtube as well as rebroadcast them on cable television, we disseminate information electronically on a regular basis (weekly and quarterly), we have a print newsletter mailed to every resident, we use social media, brochures and fliers, and engage with the press on a regular basis all in an attempt to keep you informed.

City Manager's Blog

The City Manager's Blog is an online educational tool to provide general information to the community in an open communication style. Periodically, the City Manager posts articles of general interest covering topics such as the Town's budget, budget process, projects, meetings, community issues, and general Town operations. Articles in the blog are not designed as press releases or Town publications, rather, they are more of a conversation style article.


The Town has a Facebook page. All news flashes and other information that is sent out via the Town's website is ultimately replicated on the Town's Facebook page. Because the Town has limited staff, the Town does not use the Facebook page as a platform for a two-way conversation. Rather, Facebook is used as another outlet to disseminate important information to the community.

Instagram & Nextdoor

The Town has an Instagram page and Nextdoor page. The Town has used both platforms to share information related to Special Events and community gatherings sponsored by the Town within Atherton.  


The Town also has a Twitter page. Most, if not all of the news flashes and other information sent out via the Town's website and Facebook page are replicated as tweets. In addition, the City Manager tweets on behalf of the Town @Atherton_CM. On the Town's website, you will find various hashtags and other relevant social media connections. When the Town releases news flashes and other information, they may contain relevant social media tags. Below are a few to get you started. As other staff beginning tweeting in their departmental project areas, additional @'s will be added here.




#AthertonTalks - general twitter feed followed by the City Manager that may contain information on a multitude of Town topics

#AthertonCivicCenter - twitter feed connected to the Atherton Civic Center Project

#AthertonHPP - twitter feed connected to activities at Holbrook Palmer Park

#AthertonPolice or #AthertonPD - twitter feed connected to activities of the Atherton Police Department

#AthertonECR - twitter feed connected to improvements along El Camino Real

#AthertonTech - twitter feed connected to technology improvements around Town, such as Atherton Fiber, Street Lights, Cameras, etc.

#AthertonPW - twitter feed connected to activities of the Public Works Department.

#AthertonSustainability - twitter feed connected to the Town of Atherton's sustainability plans, to include the Climate Action Plan

#AthertonPreparedness - twitter feed connected to the Town of Atherton's preparedness efforts.

#AthertonFinance - twitter feed connected to the Town's financial information.

Live Atherton Tweets (Hashtag Search)