Series Street Light Replacement Program

Series Circuit Street Plight Replacement Program Capital Improvement Project

The City owns and operates approximately 40 street lights that are powered by high voltage series circuits. These lights are more difficult to troubleshoot and repair than standard lights and are at the end of their useful life. This project includes reviewing the Town’s street lights to specifically identify which lights are powered by series circuits, designing new circuitry and replacing the high voltage lights with current standard parallel circuit lights.

The new lights will be energy efficient, safer and more reliable. This project will also analyze and make recommendations on issues such as upgrading the rest of the Town's approximately 210 lights to energy efficient lights, purchasing the approximately 185 PG&E owned distribution lights located in Town and seeking an alternate maintenance provider.

History & Status

The Town awarded an agreement with W-Trans in April of 2015 to provide design plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E) to replace the Town's series circuits and to provide the related engineering services. W-Trans has performed preliminary engineering on the project including tasks such as performing an inspection of the Town's street lights, determining which lights are fed by series circuits, and designing new circuitry.

The inspection found that there are four separate series circuits in Atherton that power a total of 35 lights. The existing street light poles will continue to be used at the same locations. The underground conduits, wires and the light fixtures will be replaced with new parts. The project is expected to clean and re-paint the poles.

The Consultant recommended upgrading the rest of the City's lights to Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology. Town Staff installed sample LED fixtures in order to gain community feedback. In October 2016, a survey asked residents to come out to review the new lights and rate them for two different criteria - overall look of the light fixture; and quality of the light. The survey ended on October 31, 2016. In addition to the survey, staff held two (2) “Street Light Survey Nights” where residents met with staff to review the street light fixtures and provide input in person. Those meetings were held October 19 and 25 at 6:30 p.m. Results of the survey are as follows:

Pendant Lighting
King Luminaire Mode K804 P4RAD-III
Phillips RN20

Post-top Lighting

Steinberg Vintage Model C31491 A850


King Luminaire KCK118 BR


Retain Existing


The Town retained a contractor and in August 2017, gave notice to start construction. Staff anticipated completing construction of the replacement lighting systems in February 2017, but due to unforeseen delays now expects construction to be completed in March. The schedule is subject to change and will be updated as needed, due to unforeseen delays or weather related issues. Work will be completed during off peak travel periods to minimize disruption to the public. Below is the updated construction schedule and scope of work:

  • August – Start Construction
  • October – Complete installation of conduit for Lindenwood
  • November – Start installation of conduit for Lloyden Park
  • January – Start installation of conduit for Atherton Oaks
  • February – Start transition to Series Circuit Power (rescheduled for 2/22)
  • March– Complete Light Fixture Replacement and Light Pole Painting for all locations (anticipated for 3/9, weather permitted)
  • March – Construction anticipated to be complete
  • April – Address Punch List Items and Project Close Out

Scope of Work

The limits of work for Series Circuit Street Light Replacement Program Project are:

  • Lindenwood Neighborhood
  • Atherton Oaks Neighborhood
  • Lloyden Park Neighborhood
    • Greenoaks Drive – between Lilac Drive and 272 Green Oaks Drive;
    • Greenoaks Drive – between Deodora Drive and Larch Drive;
    • Lilac Drive – between Greenoaks Drive and Lilac Drive cul-de-sac;
    • Rosewood Drive – between Greenoaks Drive and Westeria Way;
    • Full length of Deodora Drive, Mosswood Way, Larch Drive, Lupin Lane and Wisteria Way; and
    • De Bell Road – between Middlefield Road and 69 De Bell Drive.
    • Burns Avenue – between Watkins Avenue and McCormick Lane; and
    • McCormick Lane – between Burns Avenue and Watkins Avenue.
    • Lloyden Drive – between Fair Oaks Lane and Rittenhouse Avenue;
    • Snowden Avenue – between Wilburn Avenue and Belleau Avenue;
    • Wilburn Avenue – between Snowden Avenue and Rittenhouse Avenue; and
    • Full length of Belleau Avenue and Rittenhouse Avenue.

Project Plans (PDF)

Project Specifications (PDF)

Project Specification Addendum (PDF)

Historical Actions and Project Materials

Following receipt of community feedback on the Street Light Survey Town Staff issued an RFP for a contractor to construct the improvements. Council approved the plans at their April meeting and authorized advertisement for public bids to retain a contractor. Information on the Street Light Project can be found below.

Street Light Survey Information

February 15, 2017 City Council Staff Report – Street Light Selection (PDF)

April 19, 2017 City Council Staff Report – Authorize Advertisement (PDF)

June 21, 2017 City Council Staff Report – Award Construction Contract (PDF)

For more information on the project, please contact:

Project Contact:

Marty Hanneman, PE, TE
City Engineer
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Sample LED Light

Sample LED Light