Crime Prevention Task Force

Mission Statement


A principle objective of the Atherton Police Department (APD) is the prevention of crime and general safety of our residents. To accomplish this objective, police must work collaboratively with the community to develop crime prevention strategies that enhance public safety and the quality of life.


The mission of the Crime Prevention Task Force (CPTF) is to work with the Atherton Police Department to engage other community members to organize neighborhood groups, to improve communications among and between neighbors, and to increase awareness of crimes and other matters of public safety in the Town of Atherton.


To provide for a safer Town by preventing and/or reducing crime through education and awareness efforts and forming community partnerships with neighbors, the CPTF and the Atherton Police Department.

In order to meet this goal and fulfill the mission of the CPTF, community members and Police Department staff shall administer and/or assist in the development and implementation of crime prevention programs and safety information.

Major Objectives

  • Regular neighborhood meetings
  • Distribution of the Resident Handbook to new homeowners
  • Notification of revisions/updates to Resident Handbook
  • National Night Out
  • Annual Town Hall meeting to get to know staff and CPTF members
  • Annual meeting of all 9 Atherton schools
  • Safety news flashes
  • Home security/Vacation Home checks/Alarms Directly Connected to APD
  • Auto theft/burglary prevention
  • Personal safety
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Gang Awareness
  • Consumer Fraud/Identity Theft
  • Senior Safety
  • Child Safety/Cyber Security
  • Holiday safety tips

CPTF Members and APD Staff Liaisons Contacts

Chief Steven McCulley
Email Steven McCulley

Commander Joe Wade
Email Joe Wade

Jennifer Frew
Email Jennifer Frew

Community Member
Kay Clarke

Community Member
Betsy Glikbarg

Community Member
Florence Goldby

Community Member
Connie Hawkins

Community Member
Karen Kalinske

Community Member
Sandy Levison

Community Member
Lisa Tonelli

Community Member
Zach Whitman

CPTF Members and APD Staff Liaisons

Top Row Left To Right –

Atherton Police Staff – Commander Joseph Wade, Retired Chief Edwin Flint, Sgt. Alfredo Guarducci,

Training Manager/Executive Assistant Jennifer Frew

Bottom Row Left to Right –

Community members – Zach Whitman, Connie Hawkins, Florence Goldby, Karen Kalinske, Betsy Glikbarg, Sandy Levison

Not pictured– Kay Clarke, Lisa Tonelli

Scott Buschman - Photographer