Atherton Ave/Fair Oaks Ln/Middlefield Rd

Construction Notice (PDF)

The Town has been awarded a Surface Transportation Program (STP) Federally-funded One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) for the Atherton Avenue/Fair Oaks Lane/Middlefield Road Maintenance Project in the amount of $285,000. This project consists of grinding and replacing approximately 25,000 square feet of full-depth asphalt (up to eight inches thick) to remediate local pavement failures. The second phase of this project entails performing a micro-surface seal on the project’s streets in Atherton. This project also includes replacement of all striping, raised pavement markers and other associated pavement markings within the project boundaries. Striping and pavement markings will be replaced from traffic marking paint to thermoplastic. Thermoplastic is a durable material and the reflectivity of thermoplastic improves traffic safety.

The Atherton Avenue/Fair Oaks Lane/Middlefield Road Maintenance project is included in the approved FY 2014-15 Capital Improvement Program. Project plans and specifications were advertised for construction on the Town’s Web site and through plan rooms in Northern California. Following Council’s award, the project is expected to begin construction in Spring 2015 and be completed by August 2015.