Master Plan Project - 2009

Project Description and Status


The Sacred Heart Schools Master Plan is not a Town of Atherton regulatory land use plan, but is a Master Plan as conceived by Sacred Heart Schools to guide construction and maintenance of their campus and educational facilities to meet their educational goals. The 2009 Sacred Heart Schools Master Plan Update (Project) proposes demolition, construction, renovation, and site improvements on the Project site to accommodate an additional 114 students on the campus, from the current 1,082 students to a maximum enrollment of approximately 1,196 students. This enrollment would be accommodated incrementally in the Elementary, Middle, and Sacred Heart Preparatory schools, with the bulk of the new enrollment potentially occurring in the Middle School and Sacred Heart Preparatory. These new facilities and improvements would provide the flexibility for the school to increase its enrollment. For the purposes of analyzing the most aggressive foreseeable growth scenario in the EIR, a maximum enrollment number of 1,196 students is being used with a planning horizon of five years; however, please note that SHS does not foresee the enrollment reaching 1,196 in the next five years.

The Project would include relocation of the St. Joseph’s Campus and construction of new instructional, administrative, and library buildings as well as an Assembly Hall and Performing Arts classrooms on the St. Joseph’s Campus, construction of a new parking lot to serve St. Joseph’s, and overall improvements to the Sacred Heart Schools campus, including campus entry and drop off/pick up improvements, pedestrian and vehicular improvements, sports field realignments and relocation, minor sewer repair, and tree maintenance.

Status – Summer 2013

Almost all of the planned improvements described in the Master Plan have been implemented. Enrollment at the schools was 1,134 during the academic year 2012-13. Sacred Heart is currently applying to replace a Use Permit requirement to construct certain street improvements with a Transportation Demand Management program

Project Documents

Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) (PDF)
Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) (PDF)