Banner Permit Application (PDF)

Use the link above to download a Banner Permit Application. The Town has one location for the display of banners located at the intersection of Middlefield Road and Marsh Road. Display is limited to events associated with the Town and Town-sponsored events. This included events associated with local schools, designated community groups, the County and related agencies (Fire District, Water District, etc.). Please see Banner Policy (PDF) for detailed rules and restrictions. There is a $75 non-refundable fee for the cost of installation, removal, and temporary storage.

Banner Permit Fee Waiver Application (PDF)

Use the link above to download a Banner Permit Fee Waiver Application. Only the City Council may approve fee waivers. Direct Town costs may not be waived. Only specific groups are eligible for fee waivers. Please see the more detailed Fee Waiver Policy (PDF) for qualifications.

Civil Unmanned Aircraft System Permit (Drone) (PDF)

Use the link above to download a Civil Unmanned Aircraft System Permit (Drone). A permit is required for Civil UAS operation in Holbrook-Palmer Park pursuant to Atherton Municipal Code § 9.06.060 A. When completed and signed, this document shall constitute that permit.

This permit must be in the possession of the Civil UAS operator when flying in the Park.

Home Occupation Application and Requirements (PDF)

Use the link above to download an application to request a permit to use a dwelling as a "home based business." There is a non-refundable, one-time $100 fee associated with the application. There are specific zoning restrictions related to the operation of a business out of a home such that the business cannot have a negative impact on the adjacent neighborhood. Issues such as parking, signage, noise, deliveries, traffic, etc. are all regulated with respect to operation of the business. If the business becomes a nuisance in the neighborhood, the permit will be revoked.

Real Estate Sign Permit Application (PDF)

Use the link above to download an application for a real estate sign. Real estate signs are regulated with respect to size and placement. The owner of the property must sign the sign application. Only one sign is allowed for the property at any one time. The sign may not exceed nine (9) square feet.

Special Event Permit Application (PDF)

Use the link above to download an application for a Special Event Permit. Any special event that occurs on public property must obtain a Special Event Permit. The permit holder must pay for any extraordinary services provided by the Town in response to the event (traffic control, barricades, signage, parking control, noise enforcement, etc.) and must provide event insurance naming the Town as an additional insured. There is a non-refundable $75 application fee. The City Manager reviews and approves applications and may add specific conditions to that approval. Unless special exceptions are granted, the event must comply with all applicable Town regulations, to include, but not be limited to: noise, parking, hours of operation, etc.

If the Special Event Application involves a closure of a major roadway, approval by the City Council in advance is necessary. These roadways include:

  • Middlefield Road
  • Atherton Avenue
  • Alameda De Las Pulgas
  • Selby Lane
  • Watkins Avenue
  • Valparaiso Avenue
  • Encinal Avenue
  • Fair Oaks
  • Marsh Road