Rail Committee


  • 6 p.m., First Tuesday of every other month 
  • Meetings are being held in hybrid format (In-Person & Remote)  
  • 80 Fair Oaks Lane, Atherton, CA 94027 | Council Chambers  

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings.
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Minutes are available following approval.
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The current members of the Rail Committee are:

Greg Conlon                               
Term: 6/2021 - 6/2025                  

Jim Janz  
Term: 6/2019 - 6/2024

VACANT                                   Alex Keh  
Term: 6/2019 - 6/2023                  Term: 6/2020 - 6/2023

Jack Ringham                            John Maulbetsch   
Term: 6/2020 - 6/2024                  Term: 6/2022 - 6/2026 

Jim Massey                                  
Term: 6/2021 - 6/2025                  

City Council Liaisons:     

Diana Hawkins-Manuelian, Council Member                                                                                      
Stacy Holland, Council Member (Alternate)


Public Works has overall responsibility for the Rail Committee. The Atherton Rail Committee shall have the following powers and duties:

  • Act in an advisory capacity to the City Council on all matters pertaining to High Speed Rail (HSR), the Rail Corridor, and Caltrain
  • With the assistance of appropriate town staff, research and address specific impacts HSR and other rail infrastructure and services may have on the Rail Corridor and the town
  • Perform active outreach and cooperative efforts with groups and organizations opposing HSR
  • Rail Committee members are authorized to act as spokespersons to articulate and advocate the town’s Rail Related Policy Positions as they pertain to rail committee matters to legislatures, HSR and Caltrain board of directors, regional organizations, press, and other interested parties

Membership and Terms

Up to seven (7) members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the City Council. Members must be residents of the Town and generally serve four your terms. No compensation is awarded to members for their services.

The Committee shall annually select one of its members to act as a Chair and another to act as Vice Chair. The Public Works Department shall act as secretary to the Committee. One Member of the City Council (and an alternate) is appointed as a liaison to the Committee.

Additional Information

Additionally, by action City Council approved Exhibit A titled Rail Related Policy Positions (PDF) to the Rail Committees charter.