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Water Conservation

Water Conservation means the sustainable management of water. In the town of Atherton this means both water used at home, as well as rain water than can potentially be repurposed. At home, Atherton residents can use technologies such as water-saving sprinkler nozzles (provided for free by www.freesprinklernozzles.com), or pick up a free Energy and Water Savings Toolkit at any San Mateo Public Library with informational resources and energy and water saving supplies (http://www.smcenergywatch.com/node/214).

Water usage at home is not the only measure for water conservation. Rainwater can also be managed to reduce climate change effects. Rainwater can cause runoff into storm drains, leading to pollution. Atherton residents can take part in a number of rebate programs in order to mitigate the effects of storm water pollution.

CalWater offers a number of rebates available to residents of Atherton on their website (https://www.calwater.com/conservation/rebates-and-programs/residential/bg/). Other rebates available include a Rainwater Barrel rebate available through San Mateo Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program and Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency BAWSCA (http://www.flowstobay.org/rainbarrel) and a turf replacement rebate for replacing turf with landscape that requires little water (http://saveourwaterrebates.com/turf-replacement-rebates.html).