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Prepare to Evacuate
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In the event of severe flooding, an evacuation order may be issued. You may need to leave your home very quickly, so you should be prepared in advance.

Know where you are going:

Choose a shelter location as close to your home as possible to minimize potentially dangerous travel. Some options include:

  • A friend or relative's house. Stay nearby if possible, but not within the evacuation area.
  • A hotel or motel. Make reservations as soon as possible. Most hotels and motels will fill up quickly.
  • A shelter. Contact FEMA and/or the local Red Cross for shelter locations.

Be ready to go:

  • Fill your car's gas tank before a storm hits so you won't run out of gas in evacuation traffic.
  • Prepare an emergency preparedness kit and bring it with you, especially if you are going to a shelter.

Right before you go:

  • Unplug electrical equipment like televisions and small appliances, but leave refrigerators plugged in unless there is a risk of flooding.
  • Close and lock doors and windows.
  • Leave a note telling others when you left and where you are going.
  • Dress appropriately with warm clothes and rain gear.

In the Town of Atherton, you will be notified of an evacuation through SMC Alert (sign up at www.smcalert.info) and on local TV and radio news stations.