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Flood Insurance
One way to protect your home is to purchase flood insurance. Flooding is usually not covered under natural disaster insurance, so you will probably need a separate flood insurance policy. Most policies will have a 30-day waiting period before they are in effect, so contact your insurance company as soon as possible to make sure you are covered.   

To learn more about your flood risk, go to www.floodsmart.gov. There are links on the website to the flood hazard maps created by FEMA as well as instructions for how to read them. Also keep in mind that 20% of people who file claims come from non-high-risk areas.

Once you have a policy, be sure to keep the policy and an itemized list of your personal property in a safe (and dry!) location.  

If you have experienced a flood, contact your insurance carrier immediately to file a claim. Fargo-Flood-Insurance-Scandal.jpg

For more information about the National Flood Insurance Program, please click on the NFIP logo below: