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Transportation Demand Management - 2012
Project Description, Status and Documents
The project consists of changing the requirement to reconstruct intersections adjacent to Sacred Heart Schools to a requirement to implement and expand a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program. The Conditional Use Permits for both the Lower/Middle School Reconstruction Project and the Practice Gym Project contain a condition that requires the construction of certain intersection improvements listed below.
1. Add a second lane on the Emilie Avenue stop sign controlled intersection approach. Stripe the approach for one left and one right turn lane.
2. Add a second lane on the Elena Avenue stop sign controlled intersection approach. Stripe the approach for one left and one right turn lane.
3. Add a second lane to the southbound Elena Avenue approach to the Park Lane all-way stop intersection.
When the intersection improvements were actually designed, it was discovered that approximately 12 heritage trees would need to be removed to accommodate the expanded roadways. Heritage tree removal of that extent would be a significant environmental impact.
Sacred Heart Schools is proposing to replace the Use Permit conditions that require the intersection improvements described above (including the removal of 12 heritage trees) with an expanded TDM program. The new TDM Program condition involves expansion of an existing, voluntary TDM Program that has evolved and grown over several years. The existing program includes shuttles to Caltrain and Samtrans buses at the Menlo Park Caltrain station, staggered school start and dismissal times, reconfigured drop-off and pick-up areas, carpool, bike and walk-to-school encouragement and other similar measures. The expanded program would add to the existing program and include components such as new off-site parking, additional carpool matching, increased education campaign about parking and commute alternatives, and additional parking enforcement. The goal of the expanded TDM Program is to reduce congestion at the above intersections to a greater extent than would be achieved by the intersection improvements.

Status – Summer 2013
The application is currently the subject of a Planning Commission public hearing and recommendation to the City Council.

Addendum to the Master Plan Environmental Impact Report