Next Week's Meetings

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee meets on Tuesday, June 27 at 4:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers - Agenda

The Planning Commission meets on Wednesday, June 28 at 6:00 p.m.  in the Council Chambers - Agenda

Coyote Sighting - Keep Your Pets Safe

Coyotes are an increasingly common sight in suburban San Mateo County, especially in neighborhoods that border our may parks and open spaces.
A coyote looks similar to a small German shepherd dog or a large fox. The stand around 18? tall at the shoulder and have fluffy or bushy gray to brown fur. More information on distinguishing coyotes from dogs is available on the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife website. No wolf species are found in San Mateo County.
Coyotes are a natural part of our environment, and simply seeing a coyote does not necessarily signal a problem. Most coyotes avoid humans adn are rarely seen. However, some coyotes may lose their fear of humans, and their bold behavior may escalate.
You can reduce this risk by treating coyotes with appropriate respect and caution. You can discourage coyotes from visiting your property by making sure there is nothing there they can eat, including:
  • harvest ripe and fallen fruit
  • keep garbage and compost in closed containers
  • resolve rodent infestations or other conditions that may bring small mammals to your property – these are attractive food for coyotes
  • if you keep rabbits or poultry outdoors, make sure they are in a cage or kennel where coyotes cannot reach them
  • do not let small dogs or cats outdoors at night without supervision
  • do not feed pets outdoors at night or leave pet food out overnight
Excessively bold coyotes can be frightened away by shouting or making other loud noises, waving your arms, or throwing objects in its direction. This may help the coyote regain its natural fear of humans and prevent future confrontations. If the coyote does not immediately retreat, you should slowly back away. Do not run or turn your back on the coyote.
NEVER feed or approach a coyote or other wild animal. Feeding wild animals is unhealthy and unsafe for both people and animals!


August 1 - National Night Out

Save the Date!

Atherton's 4th Annual National Night Out Celebration is just around the corner. Every year the event gets bigger and we are excited to see this year's turnout. As usual, National Night Out falls on the first Tuesday of August -- this year August 1 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

National Night Out is a nation-wide program designed to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness, generate support and participation in crime efforts, strengthen neighborhood spirit and police community relations, and let criminals know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back
Come Spend the Evening with your Police Department! 
Atherton residents are asked to turn on their outside lights, lock their doors, and spend the evening outside with neighbors and police at Holbrook-Palmer Park. Residents are encouraged to come and have fun and use the time to discuss neighborhood issues with their local police and set neighborhood goals and Watch Programs.

The event will include a Red E. Fox contest administered by police personnel, prizes, balloon makers and face painters, handouts, sweet treats, music, a jumpy house, and a free BBQ personally cooked by your Public Works and Building staff!

Athertonian Newsletter

One of the many benefits of being subscribed to Atherton Online is that you get a sneak peek at the Summer Edition of the Athertonian Newsletter. The newsletter will be mailed to resident homes late next week.

Are your family members, friends and neighbors subscribed? If not they can do so by following these directions:

A resident can sign up for notifications through the following:
  • Log onto our website at
  • Click Notify ME (bottom left hand side of the screen)
  • Fill in Email Address in the Address Box and then click Sign In
  • Once signed in, the user can choose to receive notifications by email, text message or both
  • The User must also scroll through the list of available Notification Categories (atherton online, police, public works, etc.) and select those categories they prefer to receive
    • To receive notifications from preferred categories, the user must select the method of notification by clicking on the email icon or the cell phone icon directly underneath the METHOD Column. (I highly recommend all users sign up for Atherton Online (this is the weekly Friday Email), Alert Centers, the City Manager’s Blog and any categories they prefer under Newsflashes)
  • Users should set their personal spam blocker to allow for email from

If easier, residents can also Judi an email requesting that we sign them up.

Deputy City Clerk, Judi Herren

Thank You!

Thank you for being a part of Atherton Online.

Judi Herren, Deputy City Clerk
Main Line: 650-752-0500

Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

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