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City Manager's Monthly Report

The City Manager's Monthly Report is a post-consolidation of issues, communications, and Town activity during the prior month. The Report is intended for public release via the Town's website. As you read through the report, you may find that some of the information is dated or refers to events that may have already happened. Typically, as you read the report, the information gets "older"" as you travel through the items.

Monthly Reports have been produced and released since January of 2013.

Link to Archive | Link to Current Monthly Report


Little League Project

The Menlo-Atherton Little League (M-ALL project consists of certain improvement to the existing Little League facility in Holbrook-Palmer Park. There are improvements to the field and surrounding facilities, ranging from leveling the field erecting temporary removable outfield fences, and construction of a small electric scoreboard, foul poles, covered seating and restrooms. The facility will be owned by the Town upon completion of the project. Improvements are funded by the Menlo-Atherton Little League. 

Little League Project

The Little League Project has a webpage on the Town's website under Planning, Current Projects. On the webpage you will find a history and status of the project, links to various historical reports and presentations, as well as links to the current plans and use agreement and a set of FAQs. 

Link to Webpage | Link to Current Plans | Link to Little League Use Agreement


While I Have Your Attention

While I have your attention, I wanted to take a moment to point out a few features of the Town's website that you might find some time to explore:

The Archive Center

The Archive Center is a repository of documents, agendas, minutes, budgets, and Reports. We add to the Archive Center every month. All of the items are downloadable - mostly as PDFs. 

Visit the Archive Center

YouTube Videos

Our YouTube Channel has a new look and several new features. As we load videos, we no longer break them up into 30-45 minute segments. All videos are maintained in their entirety. New video uploads will include titling of the items as well as links to the online staff reports (in the video itself) as you watch. 

Visit our YouTube Channel


Fiscal Transparency Portal

Fiscal Transparency

Interested in the budget? Have we got a feature for you! The Town's Financial Transparency Portal takes you to a tool that allows you to manipulate and download the Town's financial data. You can view information yearly, quarterly, monthly - you can do queries - and MORE!

Visit Fiscal Transparency Page | Visit OpenGov Website


San Francisco Airport

San Francisco Airport Roundtable - Noise Study

SFO is preparing a regular update to its Noise Exposure Maps (NEMs), last updated in 2002. This update is being prepared in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 150, Airport Noise Compatibility Planning. FAR 150 specifies the methodology and procedures to be followed when preparing airport NEMs and developing airport/airport environs land use compatibility programs. 

The goal for this NEM Update is to obtain the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) acceptance of the new 2014 and 2019 NEMs to ensure continued eligibility of FAA grant funding for the ongoing Residential Sound Insulation Program. 

Public Information Workshop

The second NEM Update public information workshop will be held in an "open house" format at the location listed below. The workshop may be attended at any time during the two-hour open house on Thursday, December 11, 2014 from 7 pm to 9 pm

Chetcuti Community Room @ Millbrae City Hall
450 Popular Avenue
Millbrae, California 94030

The Draft Noise Exposure Maps are available for public review at

Comments can be submitted at the public workshop or by email to or by regular mail to:

Attention: Bert Ganoung, Manager
Planning & Environmental Affairs
Aircraft Noise Abatement Office
San Francisco International Airport
PO Box 8097
San Francisco, California 94128


Caltrain Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project

Caltrain has released the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the planned electrification of the Caltrain corridor between San Jose and San Francisco. Staff and the Town's Rail Committee will be reviewing the Final Report to ensure that our comments were adequately addressed. 

You can find copies of the Final Report online. One of the significant issues discussed in the EIR was tree removal. The Draft EIR reflected removal of more than 2,200 trees. This number was reduced to 1,000 based on a more likely pole-location scenario. In Atherton, the Draft EIR reflected removal of 142 trees and the pruning of 206. The Final Report has reduced that to 7 trees being removed and 274 being pruned. More analysis is needed not only on the host of other issues, but validation of the Reports mitigation measures on the tree issues.

Final EIR Report | Video of Caltrain Modernization




George Rodericks
City Manager
Town of Atherton

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