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          Atherton's First Citizen's Academy - Atherton Citizen Engagement (ACE) 2018

 October 25 - November 7, 2018

What is a "Citizen's Academy?"

The Citizens' Academy (Atherton Citizens Engagement – ACE) is a 20+ hour program designed to provide Atherton residents, in an academy setting, firsthand information about how the Town delivers you its services. Participation in the Academy requires a commitment of two nights (6-9 pm on October 25 and November 1) and one weekend. The Academy will be held on Thursday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Council Chambers, and on the weekend (October 27 and 28) at Holbrook-Palmer Park.

What is the Purpose of the ACE Academy?

The ACE Academy is designed to increase understanding between residents and Town staff through education.  ACE is an interactive program that focuses on educating citizens about the Town’s governmental operations. Elected officials, department directors and other Town staff will host unique and informative sessions designed to give citizens hands-on experience in government operations. Join other citizens who help keep our community strong by actively participating in the ACE Academy.

Who Teaches the Academy Sessions?

The instructors are officers and personnel from the Town who teach in their own areas of expertise. Each instructor has years of training and experience in the subject.

Program Schedule
Academy Orientation and History

  • Administration - City Manager, Human Resources, Finance, City Clerk
    • City Management
    • Elections
    • Town Budget
    • Human Resources and IT 
  • Public Works, Planning and Building Departments
  • Police and Public Safety
    • Protection Against Identity theft
    • Criminal Law Overview
    • Motor/Traffic Presentation along with a standardized field sobriety test scenario
    • Canine Demonstration
    • Crisis Intervention in Law Enforcement
    • Use of Force Presentation along with Force Options simulator and Taser scenario/suit

Fall 2018- Register Now

Applications are being accepted for ACE 2018 now through September 29, 2018. You can register online by visiting and completing the Registration Form Here.

The Academy will be held on Thursday, October 25, Saturday/Sunday October 27/28, and Thursday, November 1 with a final graduation session at the December Council Meeting. For each session, breakfast, lunch and/or dinner will be served. ACE 2018 is designed for participants to go through the entire program and each session will feature a full agenda. Participants are encourage to be active and participate in the sessions. Before residents sign up to participate, they are encouraged to check (and mark) their calendars to make sure they can attend all class sessions.

Questions regarding the Citizens Academy can be directed to Jennifer Frew at (650) 752-0503 or 

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