Committees & Commissions

Citizen Advisory Bodies

The voluntary participation of Atherton's citizens in the operation of the Town government is critical to the City Council's and the Town staff's success in serving the community. The City Council has established several citizen advisory bodies composed mainly of volunteers. Volunteers to specific bodies are appointed by the City Council and charged with the responsibilities of gathering, synthesizing, and analyzing the information relevant to their areas of responsibility and providing the City Council and Town staff with advice and recommendations. The Council and staff rely on this advice for the development and execution of Town policies.

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Citizen involvement is the hallmark of Atherton government, and the Town encourages all residents to participate.

We invite you to attend meetings of our public bodies and get involved by submitting applications to sit on our committees and commission.

The following table will give you information on all the elected and appointed meeting bodies, what they do, and how to get in touch with them. You will also find information on how to apply for an office.

Who they are
What they do
When they meet
Who to contact
Make recommendations to the City Council
upon request on all matters pertaining to
audits and town finances.
2nd Tuesday of every other month at 2:00 p.m.
Robert Barron III
Finance Director
Email Robert Barron III
Bike Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Provide advice on all matters pertaining to bike and pedestrian facilities, including grants for federal funding and promotion of bike and pedestrian as alternative transportation modes.
4th Tuesday of every other month at 4:30 p.m.
Theresa DellaSanta
City Clerk
Email Theresa DellaSanta
Civic Center Advisory Committee
See List of Duties
Visit the project's Facebook page
1st Monday of every month at 4:30 p.m.
Joe Horwedel
Public Works
Email Joe Horwedel
City Council
The City Council is the legislative body of the Town of Atherton, with all the regulatory and corporate powers provided under California State Law. The City Council provides the policy director that guides the operations of the Town, adopts ordinances and resolutions that constitute the local laws of the Town, and sets the Town's priorities through the adoption of a budget and the provision of direction to the City Manager.
1st Wednesday of the month at 3:00 p.m.

3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.
Theresa DellaSanta
City Clerk
Email Theresa DellaSanta
Environmental Programs Committee
Make recommendations to City Council upon request, on matters pertaining to natural and built environments.
3rd Thursday of every month at 1:30 p.m.
Lisa Costa Sanders
Planning Director
Email Lisa Costa Sanders
Rail Committee
Make recommendations to Council on all matters pertaining to High Speed Rail, the rail corridor and Caltrain.
1st Tuesday of every other month at 6:00 p.m.
Mike Kashiwagi
Community Services Director
Email Mike Kashiwagi
Park & Recreation Committee
Make recommendation to City Council on all matters pertaining to park and recreation in Town.
1st Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m.
Steve Tyler
Public Works Superintendent
Email Steve Tyler
Planning Commission
Acts on zoning requirements and ordinances implementing the Town's General Plan.
4th Wednesday of every month at 6:00 p.m.
Lisa Costa Sanders
Planning Director
Email Lisa Costa Sanders
Transportation Committee
Act in an advisory capacity to make recommendations to the City Council upon request in all matters pertaining to transportation within the Town.
Second Tuesday of every other month at
6:00 p.m.
Sergeant Anthony Kockler
Police Sergeant
Email Sergeant Anthony Kockler

Qualifications & Appointment to Office

Interested citizens who live within the Town of Atherton are encouraged to submit applications for positions on committees and commissions. The application form is available from the town staff and includes space for the applicant to state the qualifications, experience, and skills which he or she can bring to the service of the town. Applications may be submitted at any time. Completed forms are kept on file at Town Hall and may be considered by the City Council when vacancies occur.

You may fill out an online application for Town Committee or Commissions. You may also download the application (PDF) and drop it off at Town Hall. To fill out an application you can click on the application link, email Judi Herren or call 650-752-0500.


Term expiration dates end on June 30th of each year. However certain Committee may be set up for specific purposes with no expiration dates. Appointed committee/commission members shall serve no more than two full consecutive terms on the committee or commission to which they are appointed. A member may be reappointed to the committee or commission following a minimum two (2) year hiatus. However, if a seat is vacant and no one applies, City Council may grant an exemption.

Specific Information

Serving on a commission or committee may require occasional attendance at night meetings. You may also be asked to serve on additional subcommittees. Members are expected to attend all meetings.

Information about the Appointment Process

Notice of openings and requests for applications for committees and commissions are posted and published in the Almanac, town website, through email blasts, and, if timely, in The Athertonian newsletter. The application process may take from six weeks to two months. Vacancies are advertised for approximately 30 days with a specific filing deadline. Deadlines may be extended. Please return your application, along with any attachments, to the City Clerk. All appointments will be made by nomination and vote of the City Council at a Council meeting. Questions about the application process should be directed to the City Clerk at (650) 752-0529 or by by emailing Theresa DellaSanta.

The members of committees and commission are appointed by simple majority vote of the City Council.

The council seeks a diversely representative body of membership for the planning commission and each committee so that there will be a broad balance of views. For all of the town’s citizen advisory bodies, the City Council may decide to refrain from appointing candidate(s) if, in its judgment, the qualifications and/or experience of the candidate(s) are insufficient. When this occurs, the City Clerk will again advertise the vacant position(s) involved and the appointment process will be included on a subsequent City Council agenda.

The town is grateful for the service of members of a committee or commission, recognizing that the service to the community is voluntary. Even so, it is important to understand the legal requirements that apply to the role because failure to comply may result in stiff penalties. The City Clerk, City Attorney, or City Manager are available to assist with any questions. Their job is to ensure that representatives are able to do the job freely and without apprehension.

City Council Liaisons

Each of the town’s advisory committees is assigned a city council member to serve as liaison between the council and the committee (excluding the Planning Commission). The mayor makes these appointments in January of each new calendar year. The Council Liaisons do not have voting powers.